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Changelog Oct. 5 - 2022

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• Autumn season quest starts!
- New quest
- Top 3 Season Player
- 25 new costumes

Quest guide & Reward list

• All  Dragon arenas are now open permanently.
prontera 165 176

• Mega Treasure Boxes upgraded
New Rewards: 500x Gold Seals, 50x Rank Shield Points, 50x Emp Breaker Points, 2 Lucky Spin Tickets, 1 Costume Box IV and 10 War Medals.
- Prizes for secondary castles [Swan and Fad] are the same items but in half amount due to less competitity.

• Guild leader's Treasure Box upgraded
- Added rare card album, Costume Boxes IV, Costume Box V, Aegis Sets, Blueflame Baphomet Horns/Ice lemiere Aura/Ice Diamond Wings, Moonlight Bastet and Blue cards for sets [Some drops parts will vary accordingly to the castle]

• Fixed Castle Drops from Andlangr castle [WoE 2.0]

• Friday and Saturday's War of Emperium at
Bright Arbor and Scarlet Palace now takes place at Yesnelp [Geffen] and Hohen [Aldebaran] respectively.

• Elemental accessories in awakened mode had its status tweaked for a better versatility - status updated in item's description.

• War Medal Exchanger at prtbar 34 39

• New command added, @nopub - turn on/off players chat room.

• Autumn Season themes maps applied in some maps [
prontera, izlude, prt_gld]

• 2 New costume Orbs types added

pa5O0cp.png Agi - Agi +10
Xvf8hrL.png Vit - Vit +10

• 2 New Agi cards added [Accessory and Set]
0Luc2bG.png Dry Rafflesia [Set]
0Luc2bG.png Twin Caput [Accessory]

• Some blue cards are now available at the Hunter Badge Shop [ra_temsky 69 102]

• Autumn season costumes and agi cards added into Costume Box V and Rare card Album.


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