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Spring Season Quest

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S4KsPLd.gif Spring Season Quest e2k6Z9g.gif

1.Talk to Lugen at prontera 159 184

2.Look for 4 hunters to hire for Lugen's request, 2 of them spawns in random spots around prontera, the other 2 are inside these houses:
prontera 205 157 / prontera 136 219
Note: If the hunters search progress is incomplete and you logout during this part, you'll have to re-do it again.

3. Talk to Lugen again and you'll be teleported.
Talk to Lugen again to receive the next mission, collect 10 swamp flowers and kill some monsters.

Note: If the swamp plant collect progress is incomplete and you logout during this part, you'll have to re-do it again.

300x Cobra Flower
2x Glass Mutant
250x Alnoldi
100x Sapling

After you complete hunting/collecting them, head to downright portal.

4. On the second swamp area, head up-right, you'll find the wootan's tribe.

Enter without getting too close to the wootans or you'll be captured.
Defeat Wootan Defender and enter in the portal.

Now head up to the statue, talk to Lugen and then talk to the white light infront of the statue, Mutant croc will spawn, kill it to go to the next area.

5. On the 3rd swamp area, talk to Lugen again, now you have to collect the elves fire from some areas of the map and bring it to a torch which is located near a giant crystal (south)
Lugen tells you the torch location corresponding to the elves fire you collected.
You have around 37 seconds to pick them and bring to the torches before it extinguish.
When you finish this part, click on the rising lights infront of the crystal.
Avoid the Marsh gas!

Note: If the elves flamecollect progress is incomplete and you logout during this part, you'll have to re-do it again.

6. Now you're at geffenia, talk to lugen again, head right, talk to the fairy guard, accept his help request, and hunt for 4 winges crystal monsters around the map.

When you pick them up, go back to the fairy guard and talk to him, you'll be teleported to yggdrasil village.

7. Head left to the castle, on the entrance you'll see those winged crystals again, you'll notice that they have an unique sound when you click on them, now click on them in the right order to get teleported to the castle.
sequence colors: Green > White > Red > Gold > Green > Red > Yellow > White > Green > gold


8. Talk to the Empress, you'll be teleported to a new area, walk south to the portal.


On this area, be careful not to get close to the devilings, or you'll be warped back to the spawn point, pass through them.

 Walk to the botton-left part of the map, find a statue, and click on it, now head right until you see a ruined building, go to the middle and click on the rising lights coming from the hole.
Throw the badge, walk right and click on the portal.



9. Walk left to the portal, then go down to the building, click on the portal.
Defeat Wooden Warrior.

10. Now you're in a new area, the portal is located to the left, to unlock it you'll have to defeat some monsters
300x Eira
2x Shiny Bacsojin
200x Green Applering
149x Simbatta

11. On the second area, you'll see a castle, but before ehading there, defeat some monsters to unlock the portal:
200x Wooden Fairy
200x HellTree
200x Creeper
3x Unfrost Flower

When you finish it, head to the castle entrance.

12. Now you're in a dark area, head right to the stairs (ignore the mutant for now)
Then walk down-right to this area:


Select the options - Yes, I am - I want to become one of you.
Now explore the map and find 16 Shadow Orbs.

Note: If the shadow orb collect progress is incomplete and you logout during this part, you'll have to re-do it again.

When you're done, head to the mutant near the entrance.

13. On the enxt area, climb the stairs, when you reach this area, click on the dark rising lights 50x and 50x on the white rising lights, if you click more times than that, click on the red rising lights to reset the energy amount.

Now procceed to the Boss portal.

First Defeat "Death" and by last, defeat Beteuguese.


+1 Season Player rank (check npc at prontera 150 185)
You might get one of the following:
1x 17th weapon (sword, katar, scepter, lance, book, bow)
1x costume from the latest release
1 status costume part ( Moonlight Bastet - Awakened King crown / Sword, Ice Energy Aura / Diamond Ice Wings)


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