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Changelog Dec. 22 2021

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Merry Christmas everyone!! ChVKls5.gif

Android Version updated
Xmas Season Quest Guide & Rewards
Xmas Daily Quest & Rewards
New donation items available

Mini Game (Card Game): prontera 151 181
Mini Game's Prizes:
Felock Card
Evil Hunter Card
Dragon Zilant Card
Black Light Up Santa Hat
Green Light Up Santa Hat
Yellow Light Up Santa Hat
16th Anniv. Shuriken
16th Anniv. Spear
16th Anniv. Katar
16th Anniv. Book
Nydhogg Card
Merman's Fantasy Accessory

Misc Quests:
Prontera 143 171
prontera 136 162
prontera 161 158
prontera 160 153
prontera 226 305
prontera 156 278

Top 3 Seaon Players:
By completing the main season quest, you earn 1 season point, if you maintain to reach the top 3 and hold your position until the deadline on January 17, you'll be rewarded with great rewards! Check npc at prontera 143 183 for details about rewards and rules!

Aegis Gears are now tradeable.

Dragon's temple is open again! at this season you can upgrade Fire and Holy Elements!
Location: prontera 163 171
Elemental Accessories description has been upgraded, it now shows the extra status obtained upon enhancing the element.
By defeating the dragons you now earn "Dragon Gems" You can use them to enhance your element once  you collect enough of them, an exchanger npc has been added up at map's room.
29LIan0.gif K9f5Vi7.gif


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