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[2021] Halloween Quest

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1. Start the quest at the blue void, select beginning and when you're in the next map, talk to Quve.

2. After some dialogue, you'll be warped to hallow field, here you have to do a small monster hunting.

3. After the hunting, you'll be sent back to prontera, now you have to find the 3 spirits to grant you the baptism of souls to access helheim

Sanka - prontera 224 67
Raddha - prontera 145 298
Ling - prontera 202 295
You have to beat them in their game

Ling - Song event (/sound must be ON)
You must reproduce the song produced by the ghostrings by clicking on them in the right sequence, each one has a unique sound.
You must beat 6 rounds of this to win the first baptism


Raddha - Memory Master
You have to match the emojis produced by the bats, when you do t correctly, the pair of bats disappears, you have 15 attempts on this one.
You need to match at least 6 pairs to win


Sanka - Simon Says (/effect must be on)
You'll be taken to the middle of a circle surrounded by porings, for each round a random poring will display an winged-heart emoji, and you must do the sequence created by the porings by clicking on them.
Each round correspond to the number of times that a random poring will display the signal for you to repeat it.
Number of Rounds: 6


When you beat them in the mini game, head back to the beggining of the quest and talk to quve again
You'll be taken to the entrance of Helheim, now click on the portal and you're in.

You'll spawn near a purple lake, from here head south until you see the witch statue, talk to the soul (yord) in front of it
You'll get some clues from it, now head east to the portal.


Now you're in the first field of Helheim, here you'll have to do smoe huntings in order to procceed to the next field.

Hunting list:
1x Undead Magician
350x Void Mimic
350x Plaga
350x Dead Soul

Once you done hunting, go to the second field (east portal), here you have another hunting to do:
1x Caput
350x Dark Raydrich
350x Dsguiser
350x Dark Raydrich Archer

On the 3rd field, look for BlueMoon's Loli Ruri at north

Talk to it and you'll be warped to an arena, which you'll have to defeat it.
There are a lot of meteors spawning in random spots here, if you get hit you lost 1/3 of your HP, so be careful!


After you defeat it, you'll be taken to a darkish map, talk to loli ruri again and head to the portals

here each square has only 2 portals, one to procceed and other to return, so don't worry about getting lost here.
Loli ruri mentions about 5 key pieces that you'll have to find in the map, you can find them in some holes in the ground.
They aren't hard to spot but you need to pay some attention to see find them, the map has a long way from the begining to the portal. Be careful with the bomb porings too!
keys location 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

After you get the 5 key pieces and get to the portal at the end of the map

 you'll be warped to the dark domain, head north and find this gate, click on the fence

Go left-up, look for the lava river, near it you'll see 'Master Lude'

Talk to it and it'll ask you to collect 200 essenses from mote.
Kill 200 motes in the map.

Head back to Lude, you'll be disguised as one Mote, now go to the fence and you'll be able to pass through.

Now just walk to the other side of the room and you'll be in the final boss arena.
Defeat Himel and get your reward!

Rewards: you might get one of the latest halloween costumes , Aegis Gears, Newer Aegis set parts or statused costumes such as lightning god aura, triple evil bat, magestic staff, etc.
1000 Gold Seals
10 Halloween tokens - will be used for an upcoming exchanger!
+ 1 Season point for top 3 season player


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