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Easter Event

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1. Start the quest at prontera 150 175
 Talk to Easter Event

3. Select Start Hunting and select one of the 5 options
Once you select the option, the npc will tell you where you should go (it's marked in blue)
Go to the selected map and hunt for these easter eggs!


You must destroy 50 to redeem your reward.
(If you start hunting without activate the hunt through the event NPC, your countings won't be recorded!)

4. When you achieve to collect 50 eggs, you must go to mjolnir_04 165 196 to receive a reward!

List of Rewards / Hunting maps:
The ones marked in red has 15% drop chance

- - - Easter Egg 1 - - -

Shadow Helios Wings
Shadow Helios Aura
Shadow Helios Crown
16th Anniversary Katar

Water Dragon Aura
Sun Blaze Aura
Water Saber
Blazing Phoenix
Lava Demon Wings
Lava Demon Helm

- - - Easter Egg 2 - - -

Furious Earth Aura
16th. Anniversary Sword
Gaster Card

Devil Slayer Cape
MvP Tag
Nut Cracker
Blue Cat Witch Hat
Monk Girl
Wind Shard

- - - Easter Egg 3 - - -

Glare Katar
Aegis Rings
16th. Anniversary Bow

Shadow Flame Aura
Magic Heir
Water Saber
Globe Aquamarine
Hanano Jutsu
Devil Blade

- - - Easter Egg 4 - - -

Brinanarea Card
16th. Anniversary Lance
Glare Assaulter

Foxy Tail
Frostmourne Sword
Dual Thoeny Sword
Legendary Ice Sword
Poring Balloon Hat

- - - Easter Egg 5 - - -

Sanare Card
16th. Anniversary Book
Juggernault Mask

Nocturn Helios Crown
Nocturn Helios Wings
Nocturn Helios Aura
Duke Cape
9 Tails Aura


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