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Xmas Daily Quest

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ChVKls5.gif Xmas Daily Quest EWDMOcA.gif

1. Start the daily quest at go 7, go down and you'll see Santa claus near his sledge, talk to him and offer for help

2. Now you have to look for his lost presents (30 pcs) that fell from his sledge, at xmas_fild01

3. Go back to him, select "I got them all"
Now you haveto help him finding his reindeers at ice_field
You'll receive 1x Magic Moss (Taming item) to capture 8 reindeers.

4. When you get 8 Reindeer Pet Eggs, go back to Santa and deliever to him (Magic Moss must be in your iventory when you give him the reindeers)

5. Santa will take you to his sledge and ask for one more favor
You have to delivery deliever those 30 presents you found on xmas_fild01 to prontera

6. You'll receive a temporary Santa suit and santa fake hat (lasts 3 hours)
He asks you to wear both items before you start setting gifts infront prontera's house.
When you're at prontera again, talk to santa, wear the items and start the task

7. When you're done, go back to santa claus, he'll thank you but before dialogue ends, louis appears and says that izlude is being attacked by goblins, you'll be taken to izlude to defeat them.
Defeat 500x Goblins.

8. When all goblins are defeated, Dark antonio will drag you to his place to defeat you because you're ruining his plans!
Defeat:Dark Antonio



1x Xmas Sock 2021 - Use it to hang on Lutie or Izlude's Xmas Tree
1x Xmas Gift Box
You can earn 17th weapon, blue card, or this season's costume from these 2 items!


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