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Halloween Quest - Ghost of Nemesis [Seasonal]

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This is the Guide of our "Main" quest during Halloween season!
The quest is a continuation of the "Into Muspelheim" Quest.

Click on the Blue Void at the middle of Prontera.

Select Beginning [Dimensional Area]

 Talk to fallen Heffeydd

When dielogue ends, you have 5 seconds to escape the map (gonna increase to 10 as this timing is nearlyimpossible for mobile players to achieve).
run to the upper-left way, and click on the portal.

Talk to Unknown Guy, you'll be warped to a hideout.

After dialogue, you'll be warped to Muspelheim main area again
There is a new portal at Northeast of the map

At the next field, keep going right, cross the bridge and look for the portal at east, here you'll have some huntings to do before getting to the next area.

After you unlock this portal, you'll get to a huge map, head to the town to the north and look for Diwata.
This NPC has no fix location as it walks, but most of the time you should find it near this fountain.

Talk to this NPC 10 times until the dialogue changes
If you select the wrong option, you have to talk to this npc 10 times again.

Select "What are you doing?"
On next option, select yes.

Now you gotta find 10 missing runes around this map.

1. Upper Right of the town

2. In the middle of the field

3. Next to cemetery [took screenshot in this angle for better reference]

4. In the cemetery, behind grave

5. Near Lake

6. Below this straw roof [upper lake]

7. Upper left of the map

8. Upper area

9. Next to this church

10. Somewhere in the middle of nowhere again, just like the second rune 

Return to Diwata and give the Runes

After dialogue, go to northeast of the map and look for Himel

Talk to her and after dialogue, go left, go to the portal just on the left side of these trees

Select the option Breakthrough, then return to Himel

Talk to Himel one time, she will tell you where you can find the key, after you talk to her, talk to her again so you'll be warped to the portal

Enter the portal to get in the next area.
This place has no monsters to kill, you gotta find the remains of the warrior who took the key before he died
There are couples of warrior remains around the map so you'll have to check one by one.
(The true one change its location every 5 minutes)

This city is surrounded by Ghostrings, but those aren't the same you see in Sunken ship, prontera maze or payon field.
They move faster and in random patterns, you must walk at least 2 cells away from them or you'll die instantly.
If you're stopped when the ghostrings passed near to you, you won't be affected.


When you find the key, you'll be warped back to Spooky town, look for the portal that leads to that forest
Now you should be able to open the gate.

Now you're in the undergrounds dungeon, head to middle and click on the altar

Here's another hunting task you should do
All the monsters spawns on this area.

When you complete it, head back to the altar, 

Now you're in a small map, all you have to do here is to kill Nightmare Golem

After you kill it, you'll be teleported to a small area where the Muspel Orb is.
Here you got a small puzzle to solve
These skretches forms a wing if you place them correctly. I won't tell the correct combinations :P I know you can do it!

After you finish this puzzle and get the orb, your character will be taken back to that altar, now all you have to do is to head back to Himel.

Before you'll be taken back out of Muspelheim, Himel will ask you one last favor
She will ask you for a fight, to test out the power of the Orb
Accept the request and you'll be taken to the final map
turn off /sound before fighting to Himel, to avoid any possible error

Defeat Himel and receive your reward.
Rewards: One of the latest Halloween seasonal costume: click here for costumes list you may obtain
4 Halloween Tokens: If you save enough, you can convert them into aegis parts, shadow helios parts and shadow-undead element.

If you complete this quest 150 times, your venom aura [reward from a side halloween quest] will be turned like this, and when combined with venom aegis crown + shadow venom aura, you get an addicitonal of 40str, 40dex, 30int.


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