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[Summer] Diving Quest & Pac Poring

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Diving Quest

Before starting the quest, head to Mission board (prontera 149 157) and collect the neccessary items to play the quest
Take all the missions with [Summer] tag! 

[Summer] Sea Spear
Kill 100 Stroufs
Reward: Sea Spear (Taming Item)

[Summer] Shell Trap
Kill 150 Shellfish
(mal_dun01 or cmd_fild02)
Reward: Shell Trap (Taming Item)

[Summer] Golden Yellow Fish
Kill 100 SwordFish
(iz_dun03 or iz_dun04)
Reward: 1 Golden Yellow Fish (Taming item)

[Summer] Scuba Mask
Kill 200 Penomena
Reward: Scuba Gear (Costume - Mid)


Now that you got the requisites, switch  to a High Novice character, put all the items you got from mission board in your iventory and head to prontera 162 175. Talk to Diving Quest and select Warp me!

Talk to Robert and select the option to go to the ship (You'll only get to go to the ship if all the items you got from mission board are stocked in your iventory)

In the Ship, you'll see Robert and an exchanger
Equip your Scuba Mask and talk to Robert again and select "Dive"
Now you're in the bottom of the sea!
Don't unequip your Scuba mask at the underwater maps or else you'll die within a few seconds.

You have 3 maps to capture for the rare monsters.
The maps are unwarpable so you'll have to go to the next areas through portals (red marked spots in minimap, same locations as in the iz_dun's)

at the first map, the rare monster to spawn is Sea Tiger.
Taming Item: Golden Yellow Fish [corrected]
at the second map, the rare monster to spawn is
Fly Fish.
Taming Item: Sea Spear [corrected]
at the third map, the rare monster to spawn is
Golden Shell.
Taming Item: Shell Trap


They do not spawn naturally though, you need to kill 48 random monsters at your current map to summon the rare monster.
You get notified on your upperscreen about the remaining monsters to kill once you kill a normal monster.
The monster spawns 2 times in a row in the map.)

Once the killing count resets, it means the monster's been spawned, and you have to find and capture the monster with the taming item.
The taming item has unlimited use, though it has 1% chance breaking every time when item is cast.
Don't attack the rare monster! They might kill your Novice. They are strong but not aggressive, just capture them!

For every 1 tammed egg of the 3 monsters, you exchange for 1 Summer Shell at the Exchanger NPC (Ship Map).
With Summer Shells + Summer Tokens, you can obtain our newest rewards!

Click here to see the list of rewards.

Use the Rare Monster Detector Npcs across the maps to detect the monsters location!
The Detectors are visible in the minimap and it shows as a small green cross

if there are monster spawned in the map, it'll display a blinking white cross in your mini map. +

Tips: Raise your H. Novice level before starting the quest.
This map is set with our newer items restriction (2004-2006 era), so, to avoid any headache with the aquatic monsters, buy the gears at @go 25 (Super Hat Shop & Super Hat Shop 2)
List of good wings you can buy to use at the Diving maps:
- Omega Wings
- Alpha Wings
- ShadowCraft Wings
- Arch Angel Wings
- Equality Wings
- Black Helm
- Lord Kaho's Horn
- Monkey Fist Card
- Bloody Knight Card
- SwordFish Card
- Moonlight Card
Oblivion Blade
Guard/Buckler or gears from Novice Shop
Mink Coat[1] or Gears from Novice Shop
Any from Novice Shop or muffler


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[Pac Man Event]
Start the event at prontera 148 174 and talk to Boing.
Select "Go to event"

Join the waiting room, if someone's already playing, wait until your turn.

Once your turn begins, you'll be disguised as a poring and taken to an area with jellopies (aka crystal eggs) and the chasing ghosts.
If you've played pac man before, the mini game has the same mechanic. You have to "eat" the "jellopies" and avoid being caught by the chasing Ghosts.
To eat them, you just need to pass through them.

They'll start chasing you once you're a little close to them.
The only way you can "eat" the ghosts, is by getting the jellopie which has a different color from the others
(At the 3 arenas, the jellopies color may change)

with that, you turn into a deviling and become immune for 17 seconds, in the meantime, the ghosts will run away from you and you'll be able to eat them!

Eat all the jellopies of the map to go to next stage, at each stage you get a different quantity of Summer Tokens (it's not neccessary to eat all the ghosts to pass the stage)

1x Summer Token for eating all the jellopies
3x Summer Tokens for eating all the jellopies
Area 3:
4x Summer Tokens for eating all the jellopies

The 3 maps has the same difficult level.
The event has afk check, so if you stay in the same spot for a while, you'll get automatically warped out of the event.


With Summer Shells + Summer Tokens, you can obtain our newest rewards!
Click here to see the list of rewards.

~ Extra Reward for Playing the event ~
You get rank points by playing this event, and with that, you get a chance to win extra rewards!
The 3 first winners will be declaired on October 5, 20:00
You can check your rank position at event's waiting room, by talking to jelloping.

1st winner: 1 +10 Newer Aegis Set [Crown-Wings-Aura]
2nd winner: 1 Rare costume from summer seasonal period 
3rd winner: 1 +10  Older Aegis Set [Crown-Wings-Aura]


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