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XileRO Full Installer

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XileRO Full Installer V16 

- Updated March 07 2022 -


8cOw86j.gif Media Fire uIYKhcA.gif

UbYoEto.gif  Direct link mAP1wbT.gif

Google drive G0gjLjY.gif

Download & install the full client, run the game and play!


[HD] XileRO

YsTYEG3.gif Google Drive G0gjLjY.gif

Texture comparison:


You must have winrar installed in your computer to extract the file.


If you've facing any issue with the game,  check the second below.

If you are looking for the Android version, please refer to this topic.



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Q: Website is down or registering through it is not working, how can I create my account?
A: We do have a direct account creation method:
1 : Login to XileRO Game
2 : Register with - username_M - for Male Account
3 : Register with - username_F - for Female Account
E.g: Naenia_F
4 : Login Again and Remove the _M or _F from Account
Note: _F / _M not required in password box.

Q: Why are my graphics all pixelated, blurry, or show black pixels around certain spots?
A: That's an issue with Nvidia driver. It does not support old directX properly, at the moment the only way to fix it, is by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del.

Q: My game opens in a very small window
A: You must set both your XileRO!.exe, XileRO.exe and setup.exe in compatibility mode.
- To set the compatibility mode, right click on the file, select properties and select compatibility tab.
- Mark the compatibility box on and select it to windows 7 or windows xp sp3
- hit apply then ok.
if the problem persists, check if your folder contains the files opensetup.exe, setup_patched.exe and delete them.

Q: My configuration changes are being reseted to default when I relog.
A: To fix this issue, you must run XileRO!.exe as administator.

Q: My XileRO!.exe is not launching at all
A: If you are using the full installer from the website, delete it and redownload it from this page.
 If the problem persists, you might want to try one these solutions:

1: set XileRO.exe / XileRO!.exe / Setup.exe in compatibility mode with windows 7 or windows xp sp3  (delete opensetup.exe and setup_pathed.exe in case you have it in your xilero folder)

2: Move your xilero folder outside Program files folder

3: Add your XileRO!.exe in exception list in your antivirus / windows defender / firewall.
If the problem persists, contact me through facebook and I'll help you fixing it through teamviewer or Anydesk. (

Q: I came back after a long break and my username shows as unregistered, what should I do now?
A: Accounts with 6 years or more of inactivity are susceptible to be removed from our database, in this case there is nothing we can do about it.

Q: I forgot my security code or password, how can I recovery them?
A: Contact me through facebook or one of the Game Masters
The required info to recovery your security code is your account's email. If you don't remember it we'll help you with some hints to make you remember.
If you need only password recovery, your account's security code and email will be required before procceeding.

Q: How can I contact the staff?
A: Staff contact list



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