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Manual XileRO Android Download

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[Updated as of June 08 - 2022]
If you are using 0.5 version and you're unable to login, download this file, and paste data folder inside your xilero directory.

- 0.6 Released
- Pre updated as of December 10.

Hello everyone!
As many of you know, our android version hasn't been working for a long time.

So I'm bringing this temporary workaround that will make your xilero works 100% on your Android device!
Just follow the steps below! 

- You can play XileRO anywhere as long as you have internet on your phone (no shit, sherlock)
- Client already comes pre-updated and ready to play
- 100% working on all maps
- all the upside down costumes/mobs from the past android versions were fixed.
- fast login & loading screens (if you have a stable connection)
- Easy to update the apk manually if needed, which means, this apk won't be 'dead' again 

- Size - you'll need at least 3,5 gbs of free space in your device
- Doesn't work on ios (There is Android emulators for ios, which would make possible to play,  but I haven't made searches about it)


1. Download the APK and XileRO Folder from either Mediafire OR Google Drive:
XileRO Folder [Mediafire] -  Updated as of March 8 - 2022
XileRO Folder
[Google Drive] -  Updated as of March 8 - 2022


2. Install the APK in your phone. 
Extract the XileRO packed Folder using WinRAR on your computer, connect your phone to your computer and move the XileRO folder to your phone's Storage.

If you don't have a computer for this proccedment, download the xilero folder with your phone >  download
RAR > open RAR > select XileRO.rar file and click in unpack button (the unpack option it's a icon of a book and an arrow) 

3. Open AndRO, select Start Game > Download  > go to the folder where your XileRO folder is stored.
[If your xilero folder is not there, select sd instead of download and navigate to the directory where your xilero folder is saved].

4. A message will pop-up saying Game Client Found, select Yes and log to your account!

 If you get "Access denied" error when you try to select some options, you must add storage permissions of your Andro apk.
Usually you find this option under Settings > permissions > app permissions > storage.

Tip: If you want to get straight to character's selection screen of your account when you open the apk, do this:
open the APK, select Settings, on client option, press change, select external storage and put the directory of your xilero folder.
For example, if you put the folder inside 'download' folder, write download/xilero. If you didn't put in any sub directory, just write xilero in the box, and you should get this message.
When you get in the login screen, mark the save boxes for username and password.

So when you open your apk again, it'll take you straight to the character selection screen ~



If you have any question or need help installing the apk on your phone, send a message to the administrator/moderators of the XileRO's Official Group


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Links has been updated

Changelogs (April 30):
- XileRO folder pre updated as of April 30 and compatible with latest APK.
- Effects does work for android version now.
- /commands enabled.
- Fixed unclickable flags issue.


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