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Spring Update [Changelog March 06]

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XileRO PK Android Update and Re-Release

Updated March 6 2019
Current Version 192

Download APK :

• Seasonal story quest released! Click here to view full guide + Prize list! •

• New costumes added! Click here to view list. •

• Goddess Of Blessing •

- Status given upon switching jobs are now the same are AOB status.
- Gunsliger, Ninja, Star Gladiator and Soul Linker added to menu.

• Mining system - reduced spawn time of stones •

• Some Costumes from last seasonal period and current  added into Battleground •

• Aegis Ring, Guardian Angel, Soheon Card, Kades Card and Phylla Card are now tradeable •

• Helios Wings Costume added to Costume NPC •

• Story Quest: 

- Ultimate Shadow Dragon no longer reflect to magic.
- Death's minions has been changed.
- Number of Pure crystals spawn on Myscenia field 3 has increased!

• Nocturnal Helios & Mythic Helios released! •

- Costume Nocturnal Set -
When full equipped:
Bonus Str, Int and Dex +20
Lv.3 Eska Skill
Custom Aura effect
Tradeable parts

- Costume  Mythic Helios Set -
When Full equipped:
Bonus Str, Int and Dex +20
Lv.7 Eswoo Skill
Custom Aura effect
Tradeable parts

• Woe Drops •
- List of drops on Guild Leader room updated, full drop list per box below:

- NOTE: Treasure Boxed does NOT guarantee drops of an item 100% of the time.

[ Prontera ]

C Nocturnal Helios Wings [Rare drop]
Blue Perfect Helios [Rare drop]
Donny Crown [Rare drop]
Omni Set
Helios Wings
Golden Gem 
Costume Box II
Morocc Card 

C Nocturnal Helios Crown [Rare drop]
Blue Perfect Aura [Rare drop]
Donny Wings [Rare drop]
Omni Set
Helios Wing
Golden Gem
Costume Box II
Eira Card 

C Nocturnal Helios Aura [Rare drop]
Blue Perfect Crown [Rare drop]
Donny Aura [Rare drop]
Omni Set
Helios Wings
Golden Gem 
Costume Box II
Naght Sieger Card 

[ Payon ]

Bright Arbor
Mythic Helios Wings [Rare drop]
Green Perfect Aura [Rare drop]
Donny Crown [Rare drop]
Flaming Phoenix Set
Helios Wings
Golden Gem 
Costume Box I
Nydhog Card

Scarlet Palace
Mythic Helios Crown [Rare drop]
Green Perfect Helios [Rare drop]
Donny Helios [Rare drop]
Flaming Phoenix Set
Helios Wings
Golden Gem 
Costume Box I
Rainbowing Card

Bamboo Groove Hill
Mythic Helios Aura [Rare drop]
Green Perfect Crown [Rare drop]
Donny Aura [Rare drop]
Flaming Phoenix Set
Helios Wings
Golden Gem 
Costume Box I
Goddess Valkyrie Card

[Woe SE]
Aru & Sch 
Roar of Dragon [Rare Drop]
Dark Elemental Set parts [Rare Drop]
Donny Aura [Rare Drop]
Helios Wings
Flaming Phoenix set
Goldem Gem
Costume Box I
Goddess Valkyrie card

• Battleground Monthly Ranking •
- Every month, on day 1, we'll reward the Top 3 Battleground Players with different awards for each rank position.
- You can view your current amount of point by using @mypoints [Monthly Rank Points]
- The NPC who shows the Top 3 is located inside Battleground waiting room.
- Rank Points is individually saved per character.
- Points are reseted every month after winners are rewarded.
- To get in the rank, you must be the player with highest kill amounts.

• Reward Method -

 - On day 1, one of the GMs will make a countdown of x minutes [time will be up to the GM], after it,  the GM will recall players who's on NPC top list and ask their desired prize.
- After it, rank and all Player Points will be reseted.
- Rank 1 must have at least 350 points to claim reward.
- Rank 2 must have at least 250 points to claim reward.
- Rank 3 must have at least 150 points to claim reward.
[If winners is not online during the time, GM will save their names]
- List of Prizes:

1x Aegis Part of Player's choice [Bow and Set parts available] + 2 Aegis rental Box + 1500 GS

Any Pset part or 2 Slot Part [ AOF, 1H Bow, Paradise Manteau, Guardian Boots, Fantasy Ring, Cathedral Seal] of winner's choice + 1000GS

1 costume of Player's choice + 1 Aegis Rental Box + 500GS

• Battleground Rank Shield •
- One of the new costumes in Battleground Shop is "Rank Shield" - Costs 300 BG Points.
 - For every kill inside Battleground Arena, you get 1 Point and you Lose 1 point if you die.
- You don't need to be equipped to gain or lose points.
- This point earning system only works inside Battleground.
- You need to get +35 points to raise your rank position.
- Shield changes appearence + gives extra status according to player's rank shield points. [check your points via @mypoints]
- Points doesn't reset monthly.
- Rank Shield is equipped on Costume Low slot

Rank: Beginner
Kill count: 0 - 35
Status: None



Rank: Bronze
Kill count: 35 - 70 
Status: +3 Str, Dex Int



Rank: Silver
Kill count: 70 - 105
Status: +6 Str, Dex, Int



Rank: Gold
Kill count: 105 -  140
Status: +9 Str, Dex, Int



Rank:  Platinum
Kill count: 140 - 175 
Status: +15 Str, +15 Dex, +15 Int



Rank: Diamond
Kill count: 175 +
Status: +25 Str, +25 Dex, +25 Int


NOTE: If a player is caught using abusing methods to farm Shield Rank Pts or Monthly BG rank Points thru duals, 'cooperative kill&Death' with other characters or other abusive method, the Player's point will be reseted to 0 and player won't get any of those points for 1 month. 


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