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[Guide] Spring Quest Event!

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1. Start the quest at the middle of Prontera.

2. After Dialogue, go to jawaii's tavern.

3. Talk to Lucile.

4. Go to south of Aeven field [aev_fild01 96 62]

5. Talk to Etran

6. By the end of the dialog you'll have to do a small hunt

Faithful Manager > verus03
King Poring: aev_fild01

Gleam Eyes: Final Maze, Inside room at north of the map [unwarpable via command, requires Warper NPC to access this map]
Essence of Beelzebub > Final Maze 

Skoll > moro_vol

7. When hunt list is done, talk to Etran again

8. Go west of fairy_dun01 [fairy_dun01 31 162] 
Click on the small floating orbs and you'll get warped to Gardenia.
[NOTE]: Once you reach Gardenia or Myscenia, you'll be able to go there anywhere during quest progress by entering the hidden portal in the middle of prontera, behind the statue.

~ Gardenia ~

9. Talk to Seiren

10. Look for this house:


11.Talk to Kardui and after dialogue, leave the house and head to South portal


12. Here you have to kill Mursh, Ice Dark Lord and 2.000 monsters [Gardenia Mavka and Larva doesn't increase the kill count].

13. After your hunt, go back to Gardenia and talk to Kardui again

14. Leave the house and look for village Elder in another house.

15. Talk to Elder

16. After dialogue, leave the house and head toward East of Gardenia

17. Go to the middle of the map and look for 'Weird Plant'


18. After talking to Basil, you'll get an item to capture Dalcons [Those Poporing alike monster]

19. Time to hunt Dalcons!
Dalcon Catching net is an ulimited tame item for Dalcons, you need to hunt 40 of them. The chance to capture Dalcons is of 30%.

20. Give the 40 captured Dalcons and the item you used to capture Dalcons to Basil, you'll get the Gardenic Pendant.

21. Head south field of Gardenia and look for the Gate [Before you go to the 2nd south field, there is a guy sitting next the lake, he gives some important tips about a puzzle you'll have to do inside Gardenia Cave]

22. Here you have to get the key from a Mvp, look for Blazing Imp and kill it

23. Look for the small key - You'll find it to the right side of the map, next to this tree:

24. Go to the cave and talk to warper crystal.

25. You have to turn on all 6 switches from the cave pillars in the right sequence and in a limit of 5 seconds from one switch to another. The guy sitting next to lake in south of gardenia give tips about this part and the next puzzle.
For every time you reach in time in the pillars, a blue effect will show up
If you get a "hit" effect when you go to one switch to another, means time's up or you pressed the wrong switch and you have to start all over again.
Sequence: Southwest, Northeast, West, Southeast, Northwest and East Pillar.


26. When you're done, talk to crystal again, this time you have to step up on the middle of every square color of this platform on the right sequence as well, limit of 1 second per one square to another.
Once you step in the squares, a blue effect will show up, that means you're doing it correctly.
If no effect shows up, means time's out [or your /effect is off.]
Sequence: Red, Blue, White, Green, Violet, Pink, Blue, Yellow, PinkftDqYaX.jpg


27. Talk to Crystal again.
You'll be taken to the next area, where the Portal to Myscenia is located, but before you can access this map, you must defeat Flame Naght Sieger.


28. When you kill the Guardian, go to portal.



29. After the dialogue, Go north and talk to Aevel.

30. After that, go to north's portal.

31. You have to cross 3 fields before getting into Boss map.
For each field you have to 'collect' 100 Pure crystals and kill some monsters.
The list of monsters you have to kill shows in the black portals.
You'll get a message of your current kill count / mobs left every time you kill one of the quest mobs.


Field 1:
100x Pure Crystals 'taken'
1x Yuki Onna Defeated
800x White Geographer
800x Violet Whisper

Field 2:
100x Pure Crystals 'taken'
1x Death defeated
800x Foxiring
800x Creamy Queen

Field 3 - Before going to Last quest boss, you need to achieve the following:
100x Pure Crystals 'taken' 
1x Dark Ball defeated
1x Winged Crystal defeated
800x Blue Whisper
800x Chill Wind

32. When you're done, go back to portal, and you'll be teleported to final quest boss

33. Ultimate Shadow Dragon
Kill the Dragon and you'll get your reward!

You'll get one of the following rewards:
• One of the XileRO's newest spring costumes 
• Pset parts [Black and White] - Crimson Wings
• GA / 2 slots items.
• 1000x - 2000x - 3000x - 4000x Golds Seals
• 1x Supreme Chest [Gives a random Aegis Set Rental, all colors available - lasts 15 days after opened.] 
• 1x Aegis Gear Box - Gives a random Rental Aegis Gear [Shield, Manteau, Boot, Armor or 1h Bow] - lasts 15 days after opened. 
• 1x Elemental Box - Gives a random Rental Elemental Ring [All elementals available] - lasts 15 days after opened.

Any of those rewards includes an additional of 50GS.



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