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This quest is back again during our halloween period along with 15th Anniversary event!!
The Quest will end on November 13, be sure to play the quests to earn great items! <3


1. Talk to Wandering Lude in prontera, it's a moving npc so you may find it near the lottery/changelog/noobie npc -- Select I'll take care of this!
You must get the baptism of souls in order to reach the realm of dead 'Helheim'


2. Find Ghost and Talk to it 21x times until it decides to talk to you
Select 'Ask about Baptism of Souls' and then 'Deal'
It'll ask you to revenge him by getting rid of Grim Reaper at @warp Asphodel.

[prontera 112 246]

3. Go to Asphodel and kill Grim Reaper.
If you're having a hard time soloing there, ask someone for help in #bg
Once you kill it, you get warped automatically back to the ghost



4. Talk to ghost again and he'll tell you about the 3 souls that can grant you the baptism.
Ling, Sanka and Raddha
You now have to look for these 3 npcs around prontera
There is no specific order to talk to these 3 npcs.

[Sanka]: prontera 229 64
[Raddha]: prontera 145 298
[Ling]: prontera 198 294

Talk to any of them and they'll first test you in a game

5. Complete the 3 baptism tests

Memory Master


There you'll see a bunch of bats and once the event is started, they'll show up emotions upon them
you must match the emotions in order to gain points to pass the test. You get 1 point for each sign match.

Goal: 7 points
Attempts: 15
Time limit: 3 minutes

Once you beat this game, you'll be warped back to prontera, then talk to Raddha again to get the baptism.

Music Challenge

set your /sound ON to play this game
Recommended to click on all these ghostrings to hear the sounds they produce.
Each one have a different sound.

Once you have started this game, keep your character in the middle of the ghostrings, if you go too far from the ghostrings you won't hear the sounds
1st round will play 1 sound, and you must reproduce it by clicking on the ghostrings
2nd round will play 2 sounds, and again, you must reproduce it again.
3rd and so on.
As the rounds pass by, Ghostrings will reproduce the sounds on the exact same order and adding +1 note to the end.

Goal: 16 levels
Limit time:  5+++ seconds depending on the round
Attempts: unlimited during the time is not over

[NOTE]: If you miss a note, you'll have to start to reproduce from the first note again.
[NOTE]: Be sure to have your /sound ON during this test
[NOTE]: Stay calm *heavy breathing*

Once you beat this game, you'll be warped back to prontera, then talk to Ling again to get the baptism.

                                                                                               Simon Says

set your /effect on before starting this game
Once the game is started, a heart will pop up on the head of the porings
And you must click on the poring that displayed the heart in the right order
each round the number of porings will increase +1.

Limit Time: 5+++ seconds depending on the round
Goal: 20 rounds.

[NOTE]: Stay inside the circle during the game or else you own't be able to see all the hearts.
[NOTE]: Don't break your keyboard or mouse if you fail a lot, concentration is all!

Once you beat this game, you'll be warped back to prontera, then talk to Sanka again to get the baptism.


6. Now you have the baptisms given by the 3 souls. Now you can pass the portal!
Go to the portal to helheim at prontera.

prontera 200 175

Helheim The Realm Of Dead
You'll see many souls here who couldn't cross the realms and others who have choosen to stay.

7. Go Southeast and look for Cetas. He'll tell you where you can find the Soul-eating monster


8. Now go Northeast and look for the black portal

9. Now you are in the fields of helheim. Go east and reach the black portal
Click there and check the hunting list
Slay the evil souls and go back to  black portal to reach field 2!


10. Go to the second field and repeat the proccess again and slay the souls that the portal asks for. Back to portal and warp to field 3.


11. Go Southeast and find the Soul-Eating monster [final boss] Click on it and go to the fight arena


12. Kill it and get your reward!

Reward: 1x Haunted Gem
Once opened, you have a chance of obtaining the following:

1 2019 Halloween costume, click here to view the list! : click me!
1 15th Anniversary Weapon, click here to view the list! : click me!
1 Rental Aegis Box [ You have the chance of getting newer aegis sets from those boxes now]
1 Rental Element Ring Box
1 of the following Aegis gears - Shield, Manteau, Ring, Boot or Vest - Permanent Gear

Quest is repeateable but once you finish it, you'll lose your access to helheim and you'll have to go through the baptism proccess again.


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★ Mini Halloween Quests ★

All quests here will grant 1 Halloween Ticket along with the costumes!

Name: Hoirin
Location: prontera 124 168

Item - Monster - Map 
15 Crushed Pumpkins  -  Hollow Poring  -  Hallow01
1000 Pumpkin  -  Pumpking  -  Hallow01
1000 Wing of Red Bat  -  Draniliar  -  alde_dun01
1 Witch's Tonic  -  Orcus  -  hellfire

Rewards: Shadow Venom Wings + White Cat
+ Protection of Darkness

Name: Suspicious Coffin
Location: prontera 161 184

Item  -  Monster  -  Map
1500 Steamed Bat Wings  -  Inorganic Pumpking  -  Niflheim
1500 Flour  -  Organic Pumpking  -  nif_fild01

Give the quest items to: Chef Candycon, located near the lake in Helheim.

Rewards: Purple Feathered Hat + Witch Broom + Bone Wings

Name: Cool Devi
Location: prontera 209 177

Item - Monster - Map
1 Crushed Pumpkin  -  Hollow Poring  -  Hallow01
                                          4 Green Halloween Candy  -  Dead Ktullanux  -  helheim field 3 [reachable via main quest]
                        1 Festival Halloween Hat ( From Halloween Login Bonus Reward )

Reward: Jack Olantern Head + Snack Party

Name: Hallow's Eve Event
Location: prontera 148 163

Item - Monster - Map
10 Blue Halloween Candy - Dead Moonlight - 1st field of Helheim, reachable via main quest
10 Red Halloween Candy - Dead Turtle General - 2nd field of Helheim, reachable via main quest
10 Green Halloween Candy - Dead Ktullanux - 3rd field of Helheim, reachable via main quest

Reward: Venom Aura + Kishu Inu + Dracula Wings + Rose Eyepath

Name: Deviruchi
Location: Helheim, next to the witch statue, reachable via main quest
Item - Monster - Map
2 Pumpkin Cake - Soul-Eating Monster - Halloween Boss Arena, reachable via main quest

Reward: Violet Sparkly Dance + Bandage Scarf

Name: Mother Mathana [Appears every 2 days at 00:00 Server time]
Location: prontera 259 313
Item - Monster - Map
1 Fresh Water - Soul Eating Monster - Halloween Boss Arena, reachable via main quest

Reward: 5 Costume Box I + 70 Gold Seals

View the list of costumes here! Scroll down until you find the preview images.


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Is it possible to nerf the MVP on these quests? The only players that can kill them are players with Nocturne set. Even an aegis account can't harm the MVP.


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