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For all new players Joining XileRO BG here's a guide how to LvL UP QUICK & EASY !! =D



Step 1. Click *Xilero Welcome NPC* to receive(+4 Adventurer's Suit/+4 Lian Shoes/+4 Lian Shield/+4 Lian Robe/+10 Knife & Costume Beginner Cap)
Equip the items you receive for GOOD stat BOOST :D. (Use Alt+E to [open inventory] and Dubbelclick the items u want to equip)

Step 2. Follow the arrows on the floor to enter the Warp Point on the East side of the room.

Step 3. Click the *Wounded Swordsman* to receive your First Quest (Escape The Wreck).

The *Wounded Swordman* NPC will explain you how to [open ur Quest-Info] Shortcut --> *Alt+U*


Step 4. Follow the arrows on the floor to enter the Warp Point on the Southt side of the room.


Step 5. Click *Captain Carocc* to Complete 1st Quest (Escape The Wreck) & receive youre 2nd Quest (The First Battle) 

*Captain Carocc* will explain you How to Equip Gear & Use items / How to open Equipment and Inventory Window & Where to find the Ship for 2nd Quest (The First Battle). which is to the South-West ;)

[Equip Gear & Use items] U can drag your items to {Equipment Window} or just Dubbelclick the items u want to Equip/Use.

[Open Equipment/Inventory window] Alt+Q to Open {Equipment Window} / Alt+E to Open {Inventory Window}

Step 6. Talk to *Lumin* to learn Basic Game Control with mouse-click like (Conversation with NPC,Movement & Attacks)

*Lumin* will also tell you how to leave this place. (By entering the Portal on the South-West)

Step 7. Complete 2nd Quest (The First Battle) by defeating 2x Poring. {poring will automaticly give you *LUMBER* for your Quest}


Step 8. Walk to the South-West to find *Sailor*, Talk to him to Complete 2nd Quest (The First Battle) 

*Sailor* will also tell you to take the Portal on the South-West.


Step 9. Enter the Portal on the Ship (South-West of *Sailor*) & choose Option [Sail me to the MainCity Prontera].


Step 10. Use Alt+S to Open {Skill Tree window} and Set [Basic Skill] to Lvl 9 then Press [Apply] & [OK] to complete.


You are now able to choose a Job at the *Job Master* NPC Located East of the Fountain. (walk North-East from ur spawn point)


Available 1st Job {High Swordsman/Magician/Archer/Acolyte/Merchant/Thief,Super Novice,Taekwon,Gunslinger,Ninja & Baby Novice}

You now have Base Lvl 18 & Job Lvl 10, and have 175 [Status Points] so u can add some stats already to Kill easier.


Use Alt+A to Open {Status Window} here u can see ur Stats {Str,Agi,Vit,Int,Dex & Luk}.


you can Add Stats by clicking the arrow behind ur Stats in (Alt+A) or you can use command by typing :

/str+ 10 to Add 10 points Strength

/agi+ 10 to Add 10 points Agility

/vit+10 to Add 10 points Vitality

etc etc...




**Start** Base Lvl 18-90

Type @warp lou_fild01 & Kill Monsters {Mi Gao}. (Make sure to Pick-Up the [Gold] they drop @ 90% rate :D worth 100,000 Zenny)

Kill untill u reach Job Lvl 50, You will then be able to Turn Into 2nd Job @ the *Job Master* NPC Again. NOTE - For BABY just need Job Lvl10

NOTE - Before You Are Able To Change to 2nd Job You'll Need To SPEND ALL YOUR [Skill Points] (49 [Skill Points] @ Job Lvl 50)

Available 2nd Job Change : {Lord Knight,Palladin/High Wizzard,Proffesor/Sniper,Clown/Champion,Priest/WhiteSmith,Creator/AssassinCross,Stalker/

{Baby Swordsman/Magician/Archer/Acolyte/Merchant/Thief,Super Baby} NOTE - Baby's have 3rd Job Change if u reach [Job Lvl] 50 in 2nd Job

Available 3rd Baby Job change : {Knight,Crusader/Wizzard,Sage/Hunter,Dancer or Bard/Priest,Monk/Blacksmith,Alchemist/Assassin,Rouge}

Keep Killing {Mi Gao} & LOOT [Gold] in @warp lou_fild01 untill BASE LVL 90


**2nd Fase** Base Lvl 90-110

Type @warp cmd_fild02 and Kill monster {Seal} untill you reach Base Lvl 110.

<<<< In this Fase you want to reach +/- 500 HIT >>> ( to Increase HIT add DEX ) 

Note - For Wizzard/Proffesor/Sniper U Can Also Choose Different Stats Like:

Wizz/Proff : Add DEX untill you have instant cast & add the rest in INT for ++Matk

Sniper : Add DEX untill max[255] 

Assassin Cross : **Use Katar** Then add AGI for decent Attack Speed {Aspd} & Add LUK for CRIT


**3rd & Final FASE** Base Lvl 110-255

Type @warp moc_pryd04 and Kill monster {Isis} WATCH OUT FOR {{{{>OSIRIS<}}}} STRONG MVP Monster !!

U Can Stay in @warp moc_pryd04 untill you reach MAX Lvl [255] =D (dont search for places with better EXP, because there is none :P haha)


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