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Changelog - Aug 13

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Some edits are subject for changes, such as mvps hp and points of Emp Ladder.

Mining system
Start the mining quest at pay_dun00 152 169
Before starting this quest, you must have a safety helmet or mine helm, both can be bought at @go 25.
This is a quest that you have to mine stones in order to obtain items.
From these mining, you can gain experiences and raise your miner level.
There are 7 miner levels: 
Lv. 0: Candidate
Lv. 1: Rookie
Lv. 2: Apprentice
Lv. 3: Worker
Lv. 4: Pitman
Lv. 5: Expert
Lv. 6: Craftsman
Lv. 7: Master
By leveling up, you get permission to access mines of other maps, where you have higher chances of obtaining rare aura stones. The worker next to the mines tells all the other maps where you should go after you level up.
It's very easy to play too, after getting the required helmet and warping to the first mine map, buy some old picks from the worker and then select the stones, there you'll see a menu indicating many different directions, the pike durability bar and the rock durability bar, to break the rock faster, you must hit the correct spot of the stone, if you hit the wrong spot of the stone, the durability of the pike will decrease a little per hit until it breaks.
If you hit the right spot, you'll see in dialog that it'll tell you to keep hitting the point, and the durability of the rock will decrease faster.


[Coordinate of every mining spot] - You must mine on the place according to your miner level, to get better exp. The mines for higher levels than yours are locked until you reach the miner's level.

Candidate: pay_dun00 152 170
Rookie: anthell01 93 260
Apprentice: ein_dun02 263 213
Worker: juperos_01 144 47
Pitman: mag_dun01 234 61
Expert: ice_dun03 34 256
Craftsman: abyss_02 243 267
Master: ra_fild03 215 267
Tip: Bigger stones = more exp.

From these minings, you have the chance of obtaining 12 different Aura stones and Dragon/Demon Crystal fragments.
Fragments can be used to exchange by dragoon or demon fantasy ring at ra_temsky 100 55 [fragment collector].
Aura stones can be converted into various type of auras at ra_temsky 100 55 [Balthie].
There are 25 auras in total and you have the option to test them all before exchanging your Aura stones.

This is the list of auras you can obtain by exchanging aura stones at the NPC:


Housing system
You can now rent your own house in XileROPK!
Talk to Housing NPC at prontera 145 164 to be warped to one of the Villas
There are 7 villas in total and each has 22 to 27 available houses per villa.
In the Villas, talk to Proprietor to rent your house, you can rent it for 3 months and renew the contract if you want to
You can set passwords for guests who wish to visit your house
Some of the housing features:
Alice Maid [clear your house by killing bugs] - If you abbandon your house for a very long time it gets full of bugs and in worst case you may lost the house.
Piano Player
PvP switch - Turn on/off PvP outside of your house
Cupboard [storage]
Bed [restore hp/sp]
clothes [player can choose to wear normal, formal, christmas or summer outfits]
Apple from trees
Monster script, generates set number of monsters outside of the house
Bug plague invasion - can earn GS by killing the bug [Dark thief bug]


[Houses from different villas has are different from the inside too.

Endless Tower dificulty increased and new prizes added
Endless Tower is not as easy as it used to be!
However, prizes have gotten a decent boost now [the old drops are still available though]
You can obtain some of the bg cards [except morocc, eira, nydhog card] and set parts from DDS to donny.
Accessories such as cathedrals and fantasy accessories.
Weapons [Furies, royals and some of the newest aegis weapons, 2h bow, staff, fist, shuriken, katana for ninjas and revolver]
Also there is a new drop added to Nagh Sieger which is Division Coin, that can be used to enter Seraphic Gate.

Seraphic Gate
Seraphic Gate is located at izlude 120 116
it's a game where you must solve some basic puzzles in order to fight one of the 5 goddess of the map.
Each one drops 3 different types of Celestial token which can be converted into costume sets at ra_temsky 100 55

• Guild Pack for Guilds that joins XileRO PK! <3 •
 for details, access this link above!

New prizes added!
Aegis Ring
Kades, Soheon, Phylla card
Black and red sparkling xmas cloak
Yellow tweakling witch hat
Galaxy Wings
Blue Galaxy Wings
New game added - Triple inferno
Boost Point event added - +4 Battleground points for 1 hour after Prontera's WoE.

• Daily Quest re-added at prontera 178 214
• Added 30% chance of obtaining Water element ring from final boss of fishing quest

• Increased the amount of breaker points obtained from WoE to 9.

• Element Rings - added new aura on wind and water element

Payon WoE
We have set different castles to work during Payono woe. It'll be just like Prontera's, 1 castle a day.
Friday - Bright Arbor
Saturday - Scarlet Palace
Sunday - Bamboo Groove Hill

New items added to Emperium ladder
Guardian Angel [Buff item]
Red Pset
Aegis Manteau
Night Elf Fantasy Accessory

More updates to come soon ^-^


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