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Guild Pack!

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What is a Guild Pack?
It's a pack of equipments for newly guilds. They are bound to the account, which means, it cannot be traded.

What can I get from that?
Guild leaders gets a slightly better upper-mid-low headgears than the members, but the others equipments are the same.

Guild Leader -> 1pc +10 Aegis Set [Available colors - Violet - Black - Brown - Red - Blue - Pink - Gold - Green - White ]
, +10 Aegis Gears, +10 15th  Anniv. weapon choosen by the player and 2 Aegis rings, Guardian Angel.
Guild Members -> +10 Perfect Helios Set, +10 Aof, +10 Imperial Shield, Paradise Manteau, +10 Guardian Boots, 1 Cathedral Ring + 1 Fantasy Ring+10 Aegis weapon choosen by the player.

Are these equipments permanent?
 The applied guild after attending all our requisites, will be getting a rental box that lasts 30 days, and if the guild attend the rest of the requisites, they'll be getting the permanent guild pack box.
Also, there will be no difference of equipments from Rental and Permanent boxes.

Why is that?
The purpose of this is to boost up and raising the equality in our WoE scenary, bringing up more players to increase the competivity and make WoE more enjoyable.

How to Apply?
There are some requisites that the applied guild must follow in order to obtain the guild pack.
 The applied Guild must have at least 20 members.
 The Guild must be new or old disbanded ones that are returning.
 The applied Guild master must do a introduction of his/her guild in this forum section:

Guild Name: XileRO PK
Guild Master: GM Naenia
G.Master's Facebook:
Member Quantity: 25
Full List of members [their in game names]: Naenia, Xile, Swan, Orphne, etc..... 
All the Guild members must comment on the thread created by the Guild Owner, telling their IGN (in-game name)
 All the accounts in game and in forums must be from different owners, players who try to dual won't be getting anything. We'll be checking everything.
 All the players of the applied guild must have played at least for a week. Accounts with over 3 month of playing are unable to get the boxes.

Now we got the rental equipments, how can we obtain the permanent ones?
The guild must follow these requisites during 30 days:
 -> Guild
MUST be active at least during 2 Woe sessions during the month [it doesn't need to be with all members of the guild all the time during woes, we understand that players cannot be fully active during all the woes of the month]
 -> The guild member
cannot play on a different guild from the one that he/she got the box. That'll result in loss of the chance of getting the permanent box for this player.
 The player cannot leave the guild and futurely join a new one that requires guild pack just to add the count. - The NPC will save the list of every player who have got the box from it and will kick automatically the 'smart' ones

 What if I get this box as a guild member and futurely build my own Guild? Will I get another box For leader?
No. Once you use the Guild leader or Guild member box, you won't be able to use the boxes again. 

 What about the cheating players that may come?
Don't worry about that, we have taken many precautions towards that and all the neccessary checks will be done, besides, the boxes can be used only one time per account. To avoid players to keep changing guild.

Can I trade the items I obtain from these packs?
No. As I said in the beginning, the items are bound to the account. To avoid impacts to economy and possibly cheaters.

How will be the proccess of obtaining the boxes after my guild is applied?

We'll talk to the leader and check the best timing where all the guild members are online, then, the guild will be warped to a map where is IP restrict, and there a NPC will be waiting the members to get the boxes, once the player get the box from the NPC, they'll be auto warped to a city.
And we'll repeat this proccess again during the proccess of getting the permanent box.

Doubts, questions or suggestions, feel free to post ^o^/


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Is this promotion still available?


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21 hours ago, Swan said:

Is this promotion still available?

It is!


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