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XileRO BG ChangeLog July 31 2018

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V2018.07.31 01

[v2018.07.31] Jul 31 2018

  • Asura Strike (Champion) - Cap to 150k
  • Occult Impact - Investigate (Champion) - Cap to 50k
  • Killing Strike (has 5 hits) - Cap to max 15k per hit, 75k Total
  • Resurrect & Turn Undead (High Priest) - Cap to 75k
  • Acid Demonstration (Creator) - Cap to 80k Total
  • Sonic Blow (Assassin Cross) - Cap to 150k Total
  • Throw Spirit Sphere Fixed
  • Added Intro NPC and Welcome Gifts
  • Matk Massive overhaul and Increase
  • Breaker Dmg Increase - Full Fix Coming
  • Fixed Bug causing Card Drops Rates to be way too High
  • Added 500+ KRO Official Items
  • 25 Min Respawn for Champion Mobs


Coming Soon

  • Fix skill looping - example : bomb 9 instances -> recycle
  • Cancel song when weapon switch (Clown Gypsy not playable now)
  • Land Protector (Professor) needs to work to ensure proper MVP hunts
  • BattleGrounds make the server crash when 2nd round starts
  • MVPs (some are too strong, others too weak. Need to test more and fix as we go
  • Examples for too weak: Golden Thief Bug, Ghostring(no mvp, still too wek)…
  • Examples for too strong: Eddga, Baphomet, Ifrit
  • Itemdb tag for event/60 gms to trade those items
  • fix forums registration - code not showing
  • add gallery to website
  • add intro video to website
  • merge stable release
  • reduce hit mod 25%
  • add 8/4 sec delays to ygg/seeds
  • disable ygg/seed in woe
  • disable bad skills for woe - find OS list
  • update daily attendance awards


  • Added support for the Achievements system and the Titles system. (#2067, #2157, #2161)
  • Added a stylist db option to restrict some hairstyles for the Doram race. (#2155)
  • Added/updated packets, encryption keys, and message tables for clients up to 2018-07-18. (#2139, #2126, #2132)
  • Added support for the overweight percentage packet for clients older than 2017-10-25. (#2139)
  • Added support for the chat commands /changedress and /nocosplay. (#2139)
  • Added support for the party member death notification packet for clients older than 2017-05-02. (#2139)
  • Added support for body style to the stylist. (#2138)
  • Added a dead_area_size battle config option to configure the area to which player death packets are sent. (#2088)
  • Added project files for Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 (#2131)


  • Updated the warp list packet for clients older than 2017-04-19. (#2139)
  • Simplified the questinfo() script command and added setquestinfo(). This may break some scripts, but is easily fixable with a regular expression search/replace. (#2107)
  • The constants database will now also be reloaded when calling @reloadscript. (#2130)
  • The maximum item ID for the item database is now 65535 for clients older than 2018-07-04, and 131072 for newer clients. It may be increased up to a maximum of 2147483648 in the future, as needed. (#2134)
  • Added the missing pos parameter to skill_init_unit_layout_unknown(). (#2143)


  • Removed the EF_ANGEL3 effect from the novice academy, as it is now triggered by the Achievements system. (#2156)


  • Fixed a bug which made the Venom Splasher skill consume gemstones twice. (#2148)
  • Fixed a bug that could make skill cooldowns never expire, rendering the skill unusable. (#2147)
  • Fixed the maximum array size being higher than the maximum integer (uint32 vs int32), which could cause integer overflows in scripts. (#2093)
  • Fixed a wrongly named constant, which made Sea-Otter Card not increase the Sushi heal rate. (#2117)
  • Fixed misc bugs related to pet evolution. (#2136, #2153)
  • Fixed a bug that sent an attendance system message without the attendence ui being opened. (#2129)
  • Corrected several outdated documentation references to db/constants.conf, to point to doc/ (#2090)
  • Fixed an issue in the script command getd() that wouldn't properly initialize the type of newly created variables through set(getd(...), ...) (#2158)
  • Fixed a missing memory initialization in several dummy struct block_list entries created as local variables. (#2159)

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