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XileRO BG Release Date - OS Item Conversion - July 30 2018

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XileRO BG & OS Item Conversion

Release Date : July 30 2018



Rates: 1k/1k/150X/5% -|- MaxLvl: 255/90 -|- Pre-Renewal Content with Renewal Mechanics -|- 2nd Trans Jobs / Doram -|- Active PvP -|- True KRO Battlegrounds -|- Newbie Friendly -|- 2018 Client + Gepard 3.0 Anti-Hack Shield + RagnaShield -|- Custom Battle Royal 30 Man FFA PvP -|- Official / Latest KRO Item Stats -|- Clans -|- Instances -|- Quest -|- Job Changer -|- Shoping Mall -|- World Events -|- Daily GM Events -|- Cloud Dedicated Server -|- In-Game Automated Donation System -|- WoE Weekends -|- @warp | @go | @ii | @mi | @donate | @who | @autoloot | @noks | @commands -|- Latest Hercules Emulator -|- Weekly Updates -|- Active Staff

Register Now and Play on July 30

XileRO BG Download Links


OS Item Conversion

XileRO OS Converter will be available to all players from our OS server. This system will Automatically convert your valuable items into Uber Points which you can use to buy items from the XileRO BG Uber Shop. All you need to do is create a BG account, login to the converter page with your XileRO OS info, then your BG info, click "Convert", then log into XileRO BG to receive your points. That easy! Converter will only allow player login for now until release date.



Discord Server

Join now and get to know our staff and get all the updates as they happen






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