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Here's an updated contact list of the current XileRO BG Staff. If you have questions for them, you can send them a private message. You can also send them an email for any game related inquiries, suggestion and other ideas that you have in mind. Plus, XileRO Staff are on MSN/YM so add them up for a quick chat response.


Current XileRO BG Staff:


Xile (Owner)


Windows Live : [email protected]

Yahoo : [email protected]

Gmail : [email protected]


Wasaru (Administrator)

Kayru (Administrator)

Mai (Administrator)


Spiral (Lead Developer)


Aldrich (Chief GameMaster)


Swan (GameMaster)



Nobody (ForumGM)

Mitsunebewbs (ForumGM)


What the colors mean:


* Red is an Admin, they have GM accounts on all servers and can help you with any problems.

* Orange is a Head GM who can help with almost anything in game or forum related issues.

* Green is a GM who can help most issues in game.

* Cyan is a forum Moderator designated for International Support. If no GM is around ask them for help.

* Blue is a spriter who creates the unique sprites you see in game or an Ingame Event Manager.

* Purple is a Coder, he develops new things for the server.

* Light Purple is a ForumGM, he manages Forum Content and creates guides.



*this will be updated as we move along with changes*


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Updated as of 19th September 2018


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