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XileRO LR is Live!

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XileRO LR is Live!

Intro Video Using my Voice =

We have poured an insane amount of work into this server, and are sure you all will be pleased. The final rates will be 20x/20x/10x - 100x Cards. Gepard2.0+RagnaShield has been added to block any and all bots/hacks/edits/packets/wpe/roap and so on. It will be impossible to bot or hack XileRO LR.

2017 Client & Content : Achievement System : True KRO BattleGrounds : Doram Class : Renewal : EP 15.2 : 20x/20x/10-100x : NO Rebirth System : WoE 2.0 : Latest KRO Updates : MaxLevel 175/60 : Gepard+Ragna AntiHack & AntiBot DualShield

Below are the full installer links you need to play XileRO LR - Choose One -

Be sure to register first :

Download XileRO LR Full Installer 2.3gb =

GoogleDrive - Primary:
Torrent - No Installer:


XileRO LR is the "latest and greatest" of all RO private servers. We have the newest and most updated content. With new additions every week. When KRO/iRO/jRO have new additions, we have them as well. LR is low-rate with a high-rate experiance. Rebirth system has been removed, to make fast pace leveling. CardDrops are set to 1% droprate, keeping player builds an open option. Skills are fast, balanced, and fluid. LR has been built from the ground up to bring you the most up-to-date high-class low rate server possible. All to create an experience that will last years to come.


As good as it is, please remember this is still an early server. More things will come quickly. Skill changes, ballancing, rodex, roulette, EP 16.2, so on and so forth. We will never add "custom" items to XileRO LR - only "costumes" for look changes. All of the core stats items will remain and be updated to kRO official. All drops and mob spaws are kRO Renewal - merged with some pre-renewal. We will be updating the forums soon with info on all of our own features. I'm going to list some here.

Uber Shop system for Uber Points = Donations, Achievments, Loyalty Shop, Dropped 100% by Champion Monsters
Uber Pouch = 2/3 Uber Coins = 10 Coins = 150 Uber Points - Payon Exchanger
Exchange NPCs for Uber Coins can be found in Payon = @go 3
Basically, what this means is, all donation items can be gathered from in game regularly
I was able to gather over 2500 Uber Points in 1 Week - Legit Farming (No GM or Created Items)

kRO Battlegrounds - working que system - directly from game menu
Unique and custom endgame aura system - first at level 99, second level aura at 175
Card Drop Rates are 1% droprate universal
Super Fast SP/HP Heal when sitting
Fast cast based on Dex - 100 Dex for InstaCast
New Graphics System - Not only did we get a huge update from kRO client Grapics, but we have also manually edited over 3,000 textures and converted all of our towns, waster, and main areas from SD to HD
Thor Launcher, Latest Flux CP Hercules
ShowHP = You see everyones HP, even enemy players in @go 15, south prontera, and battlegrounds
New Encryption for account creation - sh3+salt = insanely secure passwords - we destoryed Md5 encryption
Universal Icon system for all important npcs and portals for towns - you will see these icons hover over many npcs
Rebirth system completely removed, you start as high novice
@warp has been removed, you can use @go 1-36, and we do have a free world warp npc to start of areas/dungeons
vending in selected areas in main towns - spread away from the center of each @go location - what this means is, you can vend in prontera, but not in the middle of town where all the players gather
Prontera Battlefield = 160+ Portal in @go 0 Prontera - prontera copy map with 8 treasure boxes, that drop 100+ diffrent high-end gear = mass chaos :)
1 Treasure Box added to @go 15 - pvp - respawn for treasures is every 1hr
Mass amounts of custom artwork
@go mall = our mall = many good npcs only found here - be sure to check both east and west wing
So so much more....

So, anyway, I hope this helps give you guys an idea of how much work we've put into this server. Thanks to the great team I'm working with. These guys are elite developers, and have done an incredible job. I'm very proud of what we accomplished.

Extra Special Thanks to : Mark, Keks, & Carlo






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