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Let us talk, Forums & Server.

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Hello everyone.

As you might have noticed we have had some technical difficulties with the forums lately, In short, our host hard drives had "unrecoverable mechanical failure", We have recovered what we could from stored backups, but the new forums update was lost. So we are rebuilding from scratch, same as they were before.

We also now have all our servers stored on a "cloud automated backup system", which is as nice as it sounds.
We will never have rollbacks, downtime, or lost data again - thanks to Spiral.

We are working fast to update the forums, bring Gepard AntiHack/AntiBot to OS, and bring you the new Low-rate server. We will keep everyone posted as we make progress, Discussion on these topics can return to normal once we have returned the forums categories. ^_^


A list of our new backup system is as follows.
The 24 hour system is used mainly to prevent a frequent repetitive lag on the servers.

PK Files - Backed up every 24 hours.
PK SQL - Backed up every 24 hours.
OS Files -Backed up every 24 hours.
OS SQL - Backed up every 24 hours.
Forum Files - Backed up every 24 hours.
Forum SQL - Backed up every 24 hours.


We are once again very sorry for this mishap, and we will continue to work with you to restore things back to normal.




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