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XileRO's Halloween Fashion Show!

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XileRO's Halloween Fashion Show!





Hello everyone! We all know that Halloween is around the corner and we are going to host a special Fashion Event!





Saturday, October 24th, 9 AM Server Time (1 hour after 2nd Asian WoE), use @time to match the time.





- All you have to do is wear your best HALLOWEEN outfit, doesn't matter if its expensive or not as long as you're creative and unique!


- We will spawn a warp portal that will take you to the map where this event will take place.


- Make sure to be ready for 3-4 rounds. It all depends on how the event goes but it will probably have 3 or 4 rounds

(you will be able to change your clothes color and such in the last two rounds, first 2 rounds you can change your hats but not your clothes color).





- 1st - 3rd place will get a race accessory + special event hat (any hat you want)

- 4th - 6th place will get a rental race + outfit (for example death knight outfit) OR special event hat

- 7th - 10th place will get a special event hat + mysterious egg







- Dual account (this is obviously considered as cheating. Doing so will get you a nice 5 days banishment).


- Use pingzapper, wtfast or such programs to prevent dcs during event (We won't recall you if you dc).


- Lvl 20 or more accounts are NOT allowed to join.


- Race Accessory's are NOT allowed.




See you soon!


Your XileRO Staff :)

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Congrats to everyone who made it to the TOP 10!


Here are our winners:

1. SONA Amore

2. [ Aruna ]

3. Orphne

4. `Baby-Dayat~

5. ~*Bloodkeeper*~

6. Petrawald

7. `EQuiNoX.

8. Hermit~

9. Taks Supreme

10. Who'sYourDaddy




And a special thank you to:


Our 3 Judges, GM Retheria and Xile


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congrats to the winners!


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