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Changelog 13/05/15

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Quick updates:

• New commands:

@feelreset - reset the map where your Star Gladiator has saved "Feeling" Skill.

@request - Whenever you need support from the Game Masters,use this command to send a whisper to all online Game Masters.

@me - Displays normal text as a message in this format: "name message" (not really a neccessary command,tho)


• Skills:

Desperado and Cobweb skills are working again.


• Mini games

Some mini games have been added to give newest players more ways to earn zeny.


Skill Matching Game (alexandria 149 158)

You have to pay a fee of 5.000.000 to join the game.

Once you get warped,you have to find pairs of skills effect by clicking on the eggs,you start with 20 chances.

Every time you find a pair of eggs,you earn 10 Golds,which can be sold to NPCs at 1.000.000 total and if you manage to find all pairs,you get 1 Platinum coin! If you get it,double click and earn sweet 100.000.000z.


Rules of event:

The event runs for 3 minutes per play

You can't be AFK otherwise your character will be kicked out of map

Only 1 player can join it at time.



Other mini games:

Dicer (alexandria 134 167)

Dice Addict (alexandria 175 163)

• New Dungeon released - Elemental Path (ecr_dun01)


• ExGAS now available at Hefeydd NPC


• Updated 3rd Job Item NPC - Now you can buy some items in higher quantities and it now sells Face Paint for Shadow Chaser.


• Added Shadow Craft Wings - Omega Wings - Alpha Wings - Arch Angel Wings - Mutual wings - Deviling Wings at Super Hat Shop 2 (ra_temsky 78 95) and Equality Wings - Black Helm at Super Hat Shop (ra_temsky 121 94)

• Added Ammunitions NPC for gunsliger and Ninja at ra_temsky 125 93

• Moved out all race stylist NPCs to alexandria.


• Amon RA card - Fallen Bishop Card Exchanger (prt_in 280 126)


• Fixed Hazy Starlight quest and added Witch Medal quest on mission board.

Added a new Trans 2nd job arena with different item requiriments! No donation items,no rental items,no 3rd jobs,no elemental armors/new manteaus,no royal weapons,no 3v3 cards! Yggs are enabled and the map is warpable

Map: br_pvp - Battle Royale arena

Allowed Sets:

Neko Set

Inu Set

Fallen Gladiator Set

Fallen Set

Infinity Set

Onyx Set

Sapphire Set

Emerauld Set

Gold Little Devil Set

Dark Devil Set

Emperor Set

Little Devil Set Silver Little Devil Set

Allowed weapons:

Fury weapons

Mythic weapons

Godly weapons

Uber weapons

Allowed amulets:

Defense amulets

Defense rings


Weaker gears are allowed as well ~


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Update - Added ExGAS at Hefeydd NPC


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