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Changelog 2/3/15

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• New mini game added:Poring Soccer

How to play:

The portal appears when the Poring Hoster announce the event,get in the portal and you'll be warped to a room where you'll see the Red Team and Blue Team recruiters,join in one of the teams,after some seconds you'll be warped again to another map and there players must be in 2 different parties to registrate for the match (Blue clan/Red Clan)

Once both parties get registered,talk to the Organizer and he'll warp each team for a different part of the same map,and there will be another NPC (Blue Coach and Red Coach) Then you talk to one of the NPCs that appears on your area and get warped to the event map.

the objetive of this event is making goals (you don't say? `-`) by using the poring as a "ball" and clicking on it to make it moves.

The team with higher score wins. [Prize for winning team:3P.coin]

• Added +10 Elemental sets,+10 Golden Little Devil Set and exp boost equipments (+0 Angeling Wings|| +0 Lightning Elemental headband) on Hefeydd NPC (prt_in 45 103)


• Added Suit sellers NPC:

*Ursula - xmas_fild02 192 319

*Ying - cmd_fild04 192 69

-Both npcs sells a special accessory that keeps you with the suits weared on as long as you got the accessory equipped on. The accessory has no limit time to expires too.-


• Nerfed the HP of the new MvPs


• MvP Raid Event hourly - Kill the MvP that appears on the place announced by the MvP raid and get rewarded! The one to gives the last hit on the mvp wins

prize:1sb,4 p coins,


• Moved MvP Torturous Redeemer spawn to [email protected] (only way to go there is through the warper npc)


• Quest NPCs:

Misty (xmas_fild02 51 299)

Gaspar (xmas_fild02 67 181)

Rare Item Hunter ([email protected] 49 36)

Dyestuff NPC (morocc_in 146 99)


Below updated was already added few weeks ago but not wrote on the changelogs yet

• 2nd Baby to 3rd Baby Job Changer - prontera 144 170

• Level Reducer Assistant (works only for 3rd job class 255/80) - prontera 187 199

• New Quest Shops - 12,13,14,15 (prt_in 41 105)

• Re-added missions of mission board

• Poring Race - hugel 48 59 (inside of warp portal)

• New event hats available in events and MvPs

• @go 30 is now warpable

• Fixed some bugged hats/wings that was taking wrong place when being equipped and changed the ones that takes 3 parts (Upper,Middle,Low) to 1 part,fixed slots of lord kaho


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