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Changelog 2014/08/01 - Rental Sets

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- XileRO Rental Sets -


Available In North Prontera Next to PvP NPC

2k VB Per Pro Gift Box

Each box provides one of 6 Rental Items

Royal Scroll = Zoro Sword

Immune Scroll = Furry Black Coat

Mystic Scroll = Black Wandering Hat

Battle Scroll = Cathedral Seal Rings

Armor Scroll = Mushika Cape

Prayer Scroll = Golden Lord Shoes


When a scroll is opened - the items will last 2 Hours then be Gone

These items are equal to power of Helios+Omni+gBoots+IrisCape+MixRings

These Sets are 0 Slotted, with Card stats built into the items


The Scrolls are Tradeable - But are NOT after Opened


Be smart, save your scrolls until you have the full Set

Trade your unneeded scrolls for ones you do need


Exact Stats will be Posted in this Post




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