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Changelog 07/28/14

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Added in game:


• Daily Quest NPC (prontera 178 215)


• Npc sex changer added ( Located in prontera 187 209 )


•Step 6 quest for set added ( Located in ve_in 351 345 )


• After life quest fixed and re-added.


• PvP Ranking top 30 added ( Located in prontera 159 239 )


• More automated events added.

-Poring Catch:The first one to find and kill the right named Poring wins.

-Poring Punch:The one who gets more points by killing Porings and Drops in 5 minutes wins.


• Updated Jumper event.


•Satan Morroc, modificated for events added.


• Added a few new missions to the mission board.


• Added Pori Pori spawn (gon_fild01) and Nidghoggr's Shadow (nameless_n) for mission board purposes.


• Quest Shop 3,4 and 5 added.


• Event hats are now questable along with the new hats ( Npc room located in prt_in 41 104 )


•Yggdrasil Berry and Bloody Branch exchanger added. (prt_in 33 98)


• 35 New Hair styles and 265 Cloths colors added to the NPC.


• MVP rank at prontera 163 174.


• Added Hat Maker NPC.


• Code Breaker game at izlude 134 94.

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Addin' some updates

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Naenia: in all new hats, quest, mission, styles and automated event and more...

Bruze: and Gameplay Staff: Design for stage of Quest Sets


More its comming


Thanks for support us


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