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Changelog 06/29/14

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• Added 194 new Hats/Wings

You can see the list of new hats here.


• Added 35 new hairstyles for female and male gender (Will be avaliable on our Stylist NPC soon)


• Quest board (prontera 156 252)

Complete the quests and get rewards! GMs will keep the Quest board updated and bring new missions for you all!


• Hat quest shops (prt_in 156 252)

It's the only way to obtain the new hats/wings. We still haven't added all the new hats on the NPC,but soon all the hats (or atleast most of them) will be avaliable on it.

p.s:Some of the requiriment items to buy the new hats are only avaliable though the quest board.


• Added Poring Coins and Event tickets as prize of the automated events.

It's part of the requiriments to get the new hats at our quest shops.

p.s:these 2 items are not tradeable.


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