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Changelog 2014/4/23 - New Event Server and more

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New events added:


Novice RB Room:

Survival Game, survive and kill the lunatics to obtain rookie badges, located in go 28, npc called Novice RB Room.




Lunatic Event:

Kill the prized lunatic and win, this can be setted up for gms and the event is automatic. Can also be enabled by Gms.


Maze Event:

Pass through the portal and solve the maze.

This event autoruns on 00:00 and 12:00 server time ( Can also be enabled by Gms).


Prize: ticket thier 3.


Dice Event:

Simply pick a number in the boxes in the map from 1 to 4, the game will automatically chose a random number and whoever's on top of the box with the correct number passes to the next round.

Example: If the game picks number 3, only the people in the box #3 can enter the next round.


It can only be enabled by a GM.

Prizes: Random Neo Hat.


Prizes upgrade:


Drops in ET have been upgraded, now drops Bastet helm, wings, shoulders and the missing blindfolds, sapphire blindfold, onyx blindfold and emerald blindfold.

Soon to come - upgrade in prizes for Devil Square.



Cooldowns added to spammable defensive skill inn WOE like CrossImpact and Sonic Blow.


Delay for mastelas added to avoid spammable heals.



Introduced a new Badge to our server called Sheriff Badge SB ( Simply double click your 10k victory badges and it'll automatically turn into a sheriff badge. To turn it back into victory badges, double click the Sheriff Badge)

Fixed: Novice overweight issue.

New to Come: Change of the sprite, Next Patch.



New BKC only for event.

New Skill AI for Choco.

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