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Changelog 2013/02/03 - Quest - VBAuctionHouse

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In This Update we have added the Following :


Code for VB Auction House - In Testing Mode

Quest Center Returns - More quest soon

Serin Ring - AoB - AmonRa/FBH Cards = No Longer Tradeable

Removed Abused Healing Items for WoE

Fix For Emblems not showing on Guild Flags - Your Welcome!

Can No Longer View Others Equipts

_M/_F Registration Re-Added

Finished Elemental Armors Effects and Stats - Other Than Holy and Ebon




Coming Soon :


Debug and Add Victory Badge Auction House :)

AP and Anti-Coma to Sets

Automated Scripted Events

NewYear/X-Mas Hats

Skill System Overhaul for Weak Skills and Classes

3rd Job vote items into normal Buy Items

Bee and Sakhemet quest

100% refine scroll quest

Sakhemet, Red Eternity and Bee Set Stats

New Donation Sets - 120ubs

Set Swap NPC for New Sets - and NPC Sprite

New Manteau - to replace Proxy Manteau - 80ubs

Max Refine to +10 for GMs

Proper PvP Arena with 255 lvl cap

CTF, 3v3 Repair

Fix Clone Pets

Add Password Recovery to FluxCP

Remove NPC - Server Crash - Vincent Velou at Yuno 335 65

Fix Evil Urban Ebon Armor and Heavenly Holy Suit Endow Effects




Enjoy the Updates - Expect more Soon!


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