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Changelog 2012/06/23

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[email protected] - command offers an account password and email change now - supports a 4-6 number password now

Now has change password and email

[email protected], @block, @unban, @unblock - you'll have to put a reason for a ban/unban now.


-Auto accounce - NPC announces messages set, currently set to announce to change password


-GTB - TGTB effect changed to 75% magical block

-Broken Turtle Shell - Monsters on tur_dun drop it now

-Fury Barrager - item type changed


-Mall - completly reorganized and updated

-Namechanger was added using uber points


-Breaker - Small delay

-Grimtooth - Small delay

-Cart Termination - Nerfed, shouldn't be 50k always now (Damage needs still to be tested though)

-Reverse Tatami - can't be copied by shadow chasers any longer

-Death Bound - damage cap set to 200k

-Vulcan Arrow - skill now is canceled by an instrument change


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