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Ragnarok Online Guide

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This is going to contain the basics and more advanced info about Ragnarok Online in a little guide for those who are completely new! So if you already know everything, then just ignore this topic.


Originally created by godly. Edited/managed by me.



Section 1 : Basics


This section will contain the basics of Ragnarok Online.


This is a no brainer... you left click to move... lol, and you hold down the right click button, and move your mouse to change camera angles horizontally. You can also hold shift and right click to change your camera angles vertically.

Main Window



This is probably one of the most important pieces of RO. This shows you your Base/Job Level, your class, your name, your current/max HP, your current/max SP, current zeny, and the % you need to gain a base level. If you press the dash on the upper right hand corner, it will show you more information. (including shortcuts to other important things)



In order to level (see below) you must kill monsters. There are four different types of monsters.


Normal Monsters - Monsters you will see in fields/dungeons.


Boss Monsters - Monsters stronger than normal that only appear every so often after being killed.


MVP Monsters - Major boss monsters, a LOT stronger than normal monsters, only appear every 1 - 2 hours after being killed. (Normally only spawn on fields, but certain servers have MVP Arenas, where they spawn all the time, but not all MVPs spawn here)


Custom Monsters - These are monsters that the host creates (or GMs, whatever, lol) that are made to be as strong, or as weak, as they want them to be.


MVP Arena

The MVP Arena, one of the best ways to earn zeny, and to gain levels. The MVP Arena contains MVPs, obviously. Each Arena contains different MVPs on different levels. I shall list them here:


Alpha Arena - The Alpha Arena contains Eddga, Moonlight, Mistress, and Maya.


Beta Arena - The Beta Arena contains Phreeoni, Turtle General, Orc Hero, and Orc Lord.


Theta Arena - The Theta Arena contains Doppelganger, Osiris, Drake and Lord of Death.


Epsilon Arena - The Epsilon Arena contains Incantation Samurai, Dark Lord, Pharaoh, and Baphomet.


Each level spawns different MVP, there are '8' levels to all four arenas (i.e Alpha 1, Alpha 2, Alpha 3, Alpha 4, Alpha 5.... Alpha 8). Level 8 to each arena, spawns all the MVPs from the Arena.


The MVP Arena is located in Izlude (@go 5). Type '@go 5' and look to your left. There will be a beefy dude standing their named "MVP Arena". Talk to him and he will send you there. From there click on what Arena you want to go to, then what level.


*XileRO's MVP Arena was removed for better gameplay




Leveling occurs by, of course, killing monsters. There are two different types of levels, base level (main), and job level. Your base level is what increases your stats and allows you more stat points to distribute, and your job level is what increases the amount of skill points you have to use and allows you to change jobs. Each has a different rate of raising, some monsters give more Base than Job and other give more Job than Base.


Job changing


On some servers you must do a quest in order to change jobs, but on luxurious servers such as XiLeRO, they supply you with the Job Changing NPC located in Prontera (@go 0)


You start as a Novice at 1/1.


Novice - First Class : Requires you to be Novice job lvl 10


First Class- Second Class (2 - 1, 2 - 2) : Requires you to be First Class job lvl 40


Second Class - High Novice : Requires you to be Second Class Base lvl 99


High Novice - Advanced First Class : Requires you to be High Novice job lvl 10


Advanced First Class - Advanced Second Class (2-2-1, 2-2-2) : Requires you to be Advanced First Class job lvl 40


*On some servers, the max base level and max job level are different. 99/50 is original RO style. XiLeRO is 255/70


Different Jobs


Novice - Novice


First Class :









Second Class:


Crusader - Must be Swordman

Knight - Must be Swordman

Assassin - Must be Thief

Rogue - Must be Thief

Wizard - Must be Mage

Sage - Must be Mage

Bard/Dancer - Must be Archer

Hunter - Must be Archer

Blacksmith - Must be Merchant

Alchemist - Must be Merchant

Priest - Must be Acolyte

Monk - Must be Acolyte


Advanced Classes :


Advanced classes are setup the same way just come after you go High Novice. The Advanced Second Classes have different names, more skills (better), and different sprites.


Baby Class


Baby class requires you to be transcendent class base lvl 99, then you can talk to the Job Changer NPC in Prontera. Baby class is the same as Novice > First Class > Second Class, the only difference is that they have less HP, and less SP, and they can only go to a max of 200 stats. There is no transcendent Baby Class.


Super Novice


To become a Super Novice, just become a base lvl 45 Novice (not High Novice). Super Novice has the same HP and SP as a normal Novice, but has every First Class skill. Same applies to a Baby Novice going to a Super Baby. (At this time, Super Baby is glitched and cannot equip ANYTHING!)



Crusader > Paladin

Knight > Lord Knight

Assassin > Assassin Cross

Rogue > Stalker

Wizard > High Wizard

Sage > Professor

Bard/Dancer > Clown/Gypsy

Hunter > Sniper

Blacksmith > Whitesmith

Alchemist > Creator

Priest > High Priest

Monk > Champion



There is an NPC called the stylist, located in Prontera near the warp spot (type @go 0) that allows you to change your hair style, color, and your cloth color. This is good if you want your own custom look and would like to look spiffy.


Warp NPC


Located in many areas. This allows you to warp to certain dungeons/towns that you want to, without having to use a command or having to walk there. ^^


Slotted Items/Cards


Slotted items allow you to put cards in them. Cards are probably the only usable etc. item. You can equip them in items with slots. Different items have different amounts of slots, though not all items have slots (i.e Mace[3] = three slots, Mace[4] = four slots). To find out how many slots they have, put your mouse over it and read the name, or right click and look at the bottom of the newly opened window. Cards are dropped by monsters (or bought in some cases). Cards add extra bonuses to your weapon/gear. Different cards go into different equipment, right click and read the info to find out what they are slotted into.


Shortcuts/Important Windows


Alt + A : This brings up your status window. The status window contains, well... your characters stats. This consists of your player's:




Attack - Attack Power (Damage).

Matk - Magic Attack Power (Damage with spells).

Hit - How often you hit (Accuracy).

Critical - How often you hit criticals.

Defense - Characters physical defense (The first number is armor defense which is considered a percent number, the second number is your Vit defense which increases as your Vit increase).

MDef - Characters Magic defense (Both numbers are like normal defense, except instead of Vit defense, it's Int defense).

Flee - Flee is how often your character dodges physical attacks (Evasion).

Aspd - This is your characters physical attack speed (a.k.a, how fast your character attacks with his weapon).

Status Points- How many points you have left to distribute into stats.

Guild - What guild you're in. (displays name of guild).


(Stats will be mentioned in section 2)


Storage : The storage allows you to store items you want to keep, in order to save yourself some space on your character. To open the storage, type '@storage'.


Alt + S : This brings up your characters skill window.




The number at the bottom displays how many skill points you have left to distribute between your skills. There is one shared skill that all classes have, and that is 'Basic Skill'. This allows you to party, put up a chat, sit, etc. If you want to see what skill does, right click the picture and click on "Skill Info".


Alt + E : This brings up your characters inventory.




There are three sections to your inventory window.


Top - items - These are items that are usable, such as HP healing and SP healing items (many more).


Middle - Equips - These are items that you can equip on your character..


Bottom - Equips- These items are items that are not usable, and sometimes useless items. Many are used in quests, but a lot are just $$$ items.


Alt + Q : This brings up your equips window




This window shows everything your character is wearing.


Head - This is what your character is wearing on his head. There are three head sections, upper, mid, and lower. To see where a headgear equips, right click on the picture and scroll till you see where it says "Equipped on". (This is also helpful for other gear)


Body - This is where your armor is equipped.


R. Hand - This is always where your characters weapon is equipped.


L. Hand - This is where your characters shield is equipped. (Please not that a Shield cannot be equipped if your character is using a Two-handed weapon, or if you are an Assassin/ Assassin Cross class, and you're dual-wielding weapons)


Robe - This is where you equip you Garments (Hood, Manteau, Muffler, ect.)


Shoes - Where foot gear is equipped.


Accessory - Where Accessories are equipped, you can equip up to two.


Alt + O : Brings up your BGM/Effect/Skin window.


I'm not going to talk about this much, basically, you can increase the sound of your effects, the BGM, and where you can change your ROs skin.


Alt + M : This window allows you to create verbal shortcuts, such as "Hi, I'm Bob" so that you only have to hold Alt and press a number key instead of typing it out.


With this you can also create shortcuts for commands such as @go 0, and @warp prontera. (i.e. Alt + M put "@warp prontera 156 215") This will make your life easier... so you don't have to keep typing it out to warp.


Alt + L : Brings up the emo window.


This will bring up the emotions that are on Ragnarok Online, just click the picture, and it'll give you what you have to type for it to show. On some servers it shows every emotion, on others it doesn't.


The emotions that it won't always show, are /e1 - /e12.


Alt + C : This allows you to make a chat room.





This is a very crucial part of Ragnarok Online. This allows you to hotkey items, skills, and even equips. There are a total of twenty-seven shortcuts, nine for each tab. If you press F12 again, it'll change it to shortcut 2, and again to 3, and then it'll go back to 1. This will make it so you only have to press a key (F1 - F9) to equip an item, use a skill, or even use an item.


Item usage : Just double click or set them in a shortcut and press the selected 'F' key


Item/Equip info : Right click the items picture to see the info and stats to an item.


Buying/Selling items : To buy an item or sell an item, click on an NPC and click either the Buy or Sell tab. Different NPCs sell different items.


Buying through Vending : Vending (Merchant skill) allows people to sell items to other players like an NPC. To buy from someone Vending, double click the box above their head (same as a Chat room, except the symbol on the left will be a Money Bag instead of a Door) and, if you can afford it, buy it.



To open and close the map, hold Ctrl and press Tab. If you click on the + and - signs, it will zoom in and out of the map, allowing you to see the whole map, or more detailed parts of the map.



Section 2 : Status


I will be giving information about stats in this section.


Naturally, you need to gain Base Levels to increase your stats. Not only does Base Leveling give you more status points, but it also increases your overall status by some as well (atk, hit, flee, ect.).


Status is increased by what you put into stats.


Str- Increases Atk and Weight Capacity.

Int - Increases Matk and Mdef.

Dex - Increases your hit and raises Aspd slightly.

Agi - Increases your Flee and raises Aspd.

Vit - Increases Vit Defense and Increases your HP.

Luk - Increases your critical rate, chances of hitting, and lucky flee.


The natural max stat is 99. On some servers (not all) you can go over 99, but the increase button will dissapear. In order to increase past 99, you will have to type the following.


/str+ 1

/int+ 1

/dex+ 1

/agi+ 1

/vit+ 1

/Luk+ 1


You may change the '1' to whatever number you wish to increase the stat by. You can only go to a max the server allows you to. For example, the max stat on XiLeRO is 255.


The number next to the stat, for i.e. "Str | 103 + 20 | 11" The number '11' to the right is the number of status points it requires to increase your strength by '1'. The + 20, is bonuses to Str that you get from items or class bonuses. And the 103 number is your base stat.

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ya this helps


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this help a lot of begginner


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it helps beginners but i think it needs to be moved. this is more for the class of novices, than the new/novice players. should go in general guide section. good guide besides that


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ya this helps


this help a lot of begginner


i know, right


it helps beginners but i think it needs to be moved. this is more for the class of novices, than the new/novice players. should go in general guide section. good guide besides that


there's a general section? :confused::confused:


-edit just saw this zz

Any guides that aren't class guides will be posted here.


can a mod/gm or admin move this?

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there is no more mvp arena D:


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there is no more mvp arena D:


*XileRO's MVP Arena was removed for better gameplay




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