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Stalemate Defense

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Defending seems more difficult given the constant arrival of new items that give people 60% resist not to mention the other insane stats like 90bdef and 100 perfect dodge that make, well, killing the enemy almost impossible. To me the only plausible defense right now is a less-violent defense.


The idea is to achieve a stalemate defense where all effort is focused on preventing the advance of the opposing guild while keeping your characters away from any harm. Killing the enemy is an available option.




Defense elements:


1. Classical Pluck (CP) - backbone of every defense, self-explanatory. You don't want your enemy casting skills.


2. Accoustic Rhythm (AR) - a little more special. Provides 80% resist (Fire, Water, Earth, Wind, Poison, Undead, Ghost) that stacks with other elemental resist cards (Jakk, Mars, Leaf Cat, Leib, etc.)


3. Slowgrace - with God Buff = 750 AGI and you create a mass ankle snare... so to speak


4. Perfect Tabulature - 400-500 LUK and all your Clowns/Gypsies should be safe from normal attacks


other possible additions:

5. Lullaby

6. Frost Joke

7. Stun Joke


Simplified Layout:












1. Have the CP and AR cast 4 cells away from each other with C being CP caster:

x being the ideal location for the spawn point, s is too far


With a little micro managing, when AR is cast, the partner of CP (P) is affected by the 80% while CP is being casted. Combine soul link on C and he/she can move 1 cell to the right and also recieve 80% from AR.


2. Most common WoE elements used are:


Neutral - Sacrifice, Neutral attacks, Crits

Poison - Sinx Crits

Fire - Bomb, Magnum Break, BoS

Water - Storm Gust

AR can be built around these elements. Meaning your team can wear these and recieve a good resistance against these elements when standing on AR.



Headgear Cards: 2x Leib + 2x Leaf Cat

Garment Cards: Myst

Armor Cards: Ghost

= 75% resist Neutral, 10% heal Poison, miss Fire & Water


Headgear Cards: 2x Leaf Cat

Garment Cards: Jakk

Armor Cards: Evil Druid

= 25% heal Poison & Shadow, 10% heal Fire, miss Water & Undead


Headgear Cards: 2x Leaf Cat + 2x Leib

Garment Cards: Raydic /Resistance

Armor Cards: Ghost

= 80% resist Neutral, miss Water & Fire


3. Utilize the Perfect Slowgrace


4. Most jobs have around 30 Perfect Dodge without anything special added to their builds.

Alone a Clown can have about 437 LUK not counting set bonuses making his Perfect Tabulature +43~50 Perfect dodge.

If you build everyone using MFC's and Yoyo Cards on Ancient Rosaries, 99-100 Perfect Dodge is easy

Have him soul-linked and running around the defense and you won't even have to worry about crits: melee and range.


Extra Support:


Priest (Safety Wall)

Soul Linker

High Wizard (for Perfect Slowgrace Combo)




In theory... this kind of defense blocks everything

-no skills

-no auto-skills (lucky dodge doesn't activate) * need to confirm

-no normal attacks

-no Sacrifice

-no Rally (can't move)

-no Status (because of High Luk and I think, like auto-skills... wont activate at high lucky dodge)* need to confirm


Possible weaknesses:

-Re-casting skills

-Slowgrace shuffle

-Mass Sacrifice


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