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[2022] Xmas Quest

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1. Start the quest at prontera 160 179 [Rudo]
- Head to prt_fild05 208 50

2. Talk to Meron, head to the village's entrance, and talk to Sierra


- Search for her missing item. It spawns in a random spot of the map.
- Deliever it to her and head to the portal

3. Unlock the portal of this area by destrying 30x Violet Crystals.


4. On the next area, head to southeast and talk to Captain, near the portal.
- Now head to the mine's entrance.

- Collect 20x Scarlet crystals shattered around the map and head to the portal (southwest)


5. On the next floor, head to the middle of the map and talk to Worker, there will be a Hunting list to be completed.
5x Caput
350x Crystal Spider
250x Mine Spider
100x Flying Dark Deleter
100x Dark Deleter

- When you complete the hunt, head back to the npc again, talk to it and you'll be teleported out of the mines.

6. Head back to Captain again. Talk to him and head to the portal.

7. On the next area, you'll see some of those Bomb Porings which kills you if you walk nearby, so avoid them, climb the stairs and head right,
- talk to the npc and accept his request to look for weeping lilies, find 2 of them around the map (fix spot) and go back to give it to him.

- Talk to the npc twice.

8. You'll be taken to a remote Island, head north and talk to the fisherman, now you have to find the correct crystal that hide the Taming Item.
These crystals are destroyed in a different way, when you click on it, it may either reduce 1 or 2 pts of its hp (15) if you miss, the crystal will heal in 1.
Once you find the Taming item, use it to capture Ice Straw Worms (20x). Talk to the Fisherman again to give it to him (taming item must be given too), now you'll be warped to the next area.


9. On this area, to pass through the portal, you must head north and deactivate the barrier by clicking on the magic crystal. You have 45 seconds to run towards the portal before the barrier activate again. Be careful with the Bomb Porings! If you're hit by one, your count will reset and you'll have to start all over again.


10. On this area, you'll have the last monster hunting task
2x Devil Marin
200x Snowy Papilia
200x Eliot Servant
200x Crystal Apocalypse
Once you finish this huniting, head to the building to the northeast

11. Kill the Bosses Brutal Duneyrr and Eliot respectively.

If you get gravity error during the battle agaisnt Eliot, please turn off your sound effect with /sound.

You will either get one of the newer 18th Anniverssary Weapons, 1 2022's Xmas Season Costumes or 1pc of the new Blue Cards for set and weapon.
Additional Reward:
10000x Gold Seals
(Be sure to store all your GS before completing the quest of else you may exceed the limit and will lose the GS from the quest)
1x Season Rank Point


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