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XileRO Rules

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1. Do not insult other players. - Hurtful & serious insults (racism, discrimination, sexism, swearing towards someone's familly members ) = 1d - 30d depending on the case and the GM.
- It can turn into permanent banishment if the player gets banned for the same reason consecultively. Screenshots must be full and clear, all the screen must be visible including the screenshot date.
- If you have been insulted and you have not reported the player within 12 hours to one of the Game Masters, we'll reject the report. For other cases of swearings, we strongly advise players to right click on the player and select "Reject whispering" to mute them from your game's screen. or use "/ex player name" to prevent receiving private messages from it.

2. Do not use bots, third party softwares such as m4u and WPE etc = 1d - 15d. Depending on the GM and the case. - Macro is allowed - Gray World GRF is allowed

3. Do not trade XiLeRO items for real money. = Permanent Ban/IP Ban

4. Do not trade XiLeRO items for items on other games/servers. = Permanent Ban/IP Ban

5. Do not advertise other servers = Permanent ban.

6. Do not scam - (Eg: you are selling a choco card and then turn around and sell a coco card, or sell useless items for far over there price) = 1-8d (depending on the GM and the severity)

7. Do not harass other players. = 1h - 5d Ban

8. Do not abuse bugs and exploits = warn/1d/5d/perma ban depending on the severity. - GMs must be immediatly contacted.

9. Do not use characters below level 100 to ress/sight/pneuma/deal players in PvP. Since they cannot be PK'd. = 2-3d ban.

10. Do not do "gentle fights" in competitive minigames such as 3V3,2V2, Battlegrounds etc. Gentle fight means: Plan with other players to alternate wins and loses purposedly. = 5 days ban

11. Do not use multiple accounts in competitive mini games such as 2V2, 3V3, Battleground, etc. = 1d - 30d depending on the case

12. Do not insult, harass or use ironic sarcasm toward GMs, specially while they're performing their duties. = Temporary Mute / 1d - 30d depending on the GM and the severity.

13. Do not use GM nor Game Master in your nick, title, or/and guild emblem or impersonate our staff in any other way. = Permanent Ban

14. As much as possible, don't bug GM's unless it's something important and related to server.

15. Do not make false statements of the Game Masters to other players, = Temporary mute or 1d - 3d ban, depending on the gm and the severity.

16. Do not use AOE skills or built any kind of defenses or any mean to delay the others in the spawn point of castles entrance. Players must have some chance to defend before getting attacked = 1h - 3d ban ( Any guild that violate this rule may be teleported by a GM to another spot of the castle).

17. Do not use invisible or semi invisible emblems if your guild participate in WoE, your emblem must be at least 50% visible to the others = Guild leader will be jailed for the rest of woe section or during next woe's section.

18. Do not copy other guild's emblem, specially from competitive guilds = warn - 2d - 6d

19. Do not do castle hosting in WOE. = 1d - 7d ban
- Castle hosting applies in two situations: 
- When the current castle holder guild let someone from another guild pass beyond their defense, so the player can easily break the emperium before the opponent guild does. -

- When your guild successfully defeat all the defending players on the castle but instead of breaking the emperium, they choose to built a guild defense, and leave the emperium hanging until the last minutes or until the guild comes to defeat them to built their defense back.

20. Do not use secondary guilds to assist your main guild, we have disabled guild allies for a reason. = 1h - 3d

21. Assisting others in breaking rules gives you the same punishment.

- In some cases, GMs may give second chances or reduce the penalty, so don't bug us to complain that someone got a smaller ban lenght of what is written in this rules. If the player have been consecultively banned for the same reason, account will be banned for a longer lenght or permanently depending on the case.


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