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  1. after being kicked he keeps going back. Please look in to this. He keeps getting AFK IGN: Night King
  2. trade for 1,000 pts or Nightmare shield leave ign please
  3. Annoying BG afk, for 2 hours he only do afk and register again. The problem is we can't kick him simply beause he's always the leader. ign: T E R A
  4. leave ign for 3,000gs rush need it badly.
  5. Sir kung ol ka po, pm niyo lang ako in-game. :)

  6. lets deal now

  7. oh lol i doubt again tht it was you. so can we deal now?

  8. oh so it was you. Sorry i doubt at first

  9. 200 USD + WU Fees for Omni+ helios

    200 USD + WU fees for Exe gas+ Helios + extra items


    Add me on facebook for more info ... [email protected]

  10. hello sir. I'm from France, i would like to donate for an exegas/omni and helios. Can you please give me an afordable price. Thanks