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  1. Hello there, im not sure what happend to my Account but i always got banned for no reason... Char Name: Becker It would be nice if any GM have time to check it.
  2. Slut cum at me pls

  3. Hi there, havent seen you ingame since ages :/

  4. Alex pls ....

  5. People told me u back? Why u dun told meh D:

  6. Happy Birthday Beauty, enjoy your Gifts. :)

  7. whats your IGN ? i gonna buy your +10Grand Sets

  8. cum back? ..........

  9. Your one is ugleh =/

  10. On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeu. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. Is that right? :<

  11. Can i steal your Avatar? :[

  12. Are you Busy =\

  13. How are you doing dear?

  14. Mit Studium? Mach mal eine Pause :)

  15. Yay ganz gut und selbst ?

  16. Yup its my last day today, see you next holidays :)

  17. Happy Birthday mein süßer, feier schön :)

  18. Im fine, how about you? Its been long time :[

  19. Hi Emo, Good Morning Vietnam? LOl