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  1. I suggest you contact @Kayru so he can help you just to recover the account. If the account doesn't have items anymore, even way back, i guess you can just create a new one.
  2. Hi

    Hope you enjoy the game.
  3. Enjoy your stay, again. Welcome back!
  4. @Danger- - ill catch you in game for your prize.
  5. When was the last time you logged? Be more specific and i suggest, you pm @kayru in facebook for faster replies.
  6. Have you checked your storage?
  7. This thread will serve as the MVP Thread where winners can post their screenshots to prove that they are the MPV.
  8. Issue has been resolved by Staff. ~Thread Closed~
  9. I suggest that you fix this one with @Rhile. Since he's the one who blocked you. Just talk to him directly and im sure a second chance is not a problem.
  10. Obviously, being a silent observer. Can't do much. 

  11. If you haven't played for years now, there's no way you could get it back. OS is pretty much new as an additional server, but it is like one old school image server of Xile.
  12. Blocked By: Rhile Date: Aug 7 Couple bots in alde_dun04 Simbadda - 78308914 AndromaxM2Y- 78308915
  13. Blocked By: Rhile Date: Aug 2 gld_dun01 botter Maestro Sinx
  14. Blocked By: Vexx Date: July 30 Botting in prt_maze03.. two WIZ.. Account ID: 78308666 - IGN: Gimme Boy Account ID: 78308665 - IGN: Despe
  15. Blocked By: Kayru Date: July 30 Baned Maicon for insults. 20 days... Got catched botting twice and lied to me in past. Next thing that happens = block 78308167 - Maicon ~``,