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  1. BERGY O,..,o !!!!!!!!! =D <3 Wassuuup Bro, Bap here remember ??

  2. When I saw your post in my thread I thought for a second that you still played lol. If someday if you decide to come back, please tell me =] Take care Berg.

  3. Cheats ,_, Why are you blamin your cat? ;o

  4. My cats fart and its deadly :3!

  5. You can try =) Ill take your cat hostage :D

  6. I keel you D:!

  7. :_: but i want too D: i will now raid your freezer for rullos :3

  8. D:! no plis! He no want to sit on u o,.,o!

  9. Ima rape your pecos fatty >:

  10. Michael_Jackson_0.jpg


    Hai little one! Want to sit on my bed!