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  1. Hi, i just thinking what happened with xilero, so i just wanted to go inside but i cant, says my password is incorrect then i try to recovery pass, and says my email is incorrect, any gm can help me?
  2. io no juego loco xD

  3. ea ea hdp,klk cuanto tiempo ta perdio tu jajajaja.

  4. u can use the Mystic Maya cuz now the Maya Purple = Illegal Item, and not ur fault loL... for this, the M.Maya r allowed :)

  5. Lust you were not clear about the rules i ask if mystic maya card was allowed there are diffrence between maya and mystic maya =.=. You answer me "Maya yes"

  6. loL no, if u use Phreeoni u can kill all player with flee

  7. about your event i think if azazel set like dowry is allowed Emp and SA set should be there.... what set can counter dowry set fleee O,o i think azazel set vs mw would be OP

  8. I selll +10OLA do you want to buy?

  9. Bro, the emerald is not working for me

  10. In your report (;

  11. where u see that? old colors?

  12. How can i edit my G.Sets for the old color?

  13. whats u r IGN?