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  1. whats your ign sir?

    i need buy something..


    or pm me who2 [M]aking [M]oney

  2. i see the halloween event hat already release,


    so can i choose the hat for my hat?


    cos i win at halloween weekly fashion




    i want that :)


    ign : Halloween v.5


    and i dont know about my friend :)

  3. can you check your character in game now? i recalled you. O.o

  4. bah io tawwana hahahahahaha penting bisa ja dlu main xD

  5. ohh io pdna nmr 10 ji??? warnet cacad ahaha xD

  6. bah ad ji xile mu toh???

  7. ohh.. ok mi... jam brp bsk ta buka rmh mu??

  8. ohh kalau yg lain ia/? ad ji toh??

  9. hahahah io pdna... masih ad GDs ku toh??

  10. bah se ambil bsk pdna na...

  11. mau main xile ji hahaah

  12. ohh besok ke rumhamu ka na??

  13. Rahman kmu dmna??

  14. Yeah, seems like that.