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  1. Hello, I am trying to donate to XileRO PK, but the donate page isn't working, could you help me?

  2. Regarding this report and the one submitted shortly after, we do ask that you PM the AFK/BOT 3-5 times asking if they are a AFK or BOT. If there is no response several times please have the SS ready for post, a good way to do this is to customize one of your chat box to PM only and incase they reply it will be posted in that box. If you get more proof for us we will take care of the issue ASAP, pm me here or make a new post with the updated proof as for now not enough for a ban. Thread closed.
  3. Taken care of, banned for 3 days as a warning as a 1st offense. Thank you for the report.
  4. We appreciate the report but just the screenshots alone of the person spamming storm gust is not enough for a ban, if you want to report for afk/bot please have a pm box with them open asking if they are a bot or not with screenshots of them not replying 3-5 messages as they continue to spam their skills. Thread closed, any updates on proof please personally message me and i or the other staff will take care of this issue asap. Thank you!
  5. love please log ingame or check your message asap.

    1. BeethSanchez


      Hi I want to ask you what I can do to update my xilero pk until the last update and do not let me in. It makes me disconnect from server.
  6. Ban reason was due to relations with an unauthorized user using/sharing the account. Anymore questions please send a private message to me.
  7. i have security me..

  8. Please check your inbox for details my dear.

  9. This is being reviewed, please give us some time to carefully look in to this matter. We will keep you posted on the progress. Thank you.
  10. MASHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, where's VERITAS? OMG btw ( It's Poisoner ) from back in the day ( 2012-2014)

  11. happy birthday my love <3~!

  12. <p><p><span style="color:Red">love~ did you get that message i sent you via messenger?</span></p></p>

  13. O.o where are u ?? :o
  14. yeah thats good, im okay for now still have issues that need to be solved but over all yeah im good. btw all my emails are locked other than gmail. idk whats goin on here.

  15. It's cool and, it has been going pretty good, so far. Anyway, how about you? How's everything?