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  1. A gay will be gay even after 2 year passed. WAZZZZZUUUUPPPP!?

  2. Well idk where the hell she went, she's not answering her mail so when or if she tell me her char names i'll get back to you, thanks again tho.

  3. I can woe in Dragon's Nest.

  4. NNNooooooooooooo. go play elsword or somthin.

  5. Get on skype more then.


    Then again I hardly use it like FB.

  6. Curtis, **** you man.

  7. Hey Remy, may I have some Blue Coloured Gem's I only have 6 left since EZ server an you still can't find them in dungeons, tryin to make Rainbow effect potions from that npc.

  8. No iv been playin Dragon Nest/Blade & Soul I only stop by to make Joe laugh.

  9. It's 2013 need I real action not 2d, i'm in Dragon Nest.

  10. hai hai how are u?! still playin?!

  11. mike kyle is fb

  12. Fat man, that I all.

  13. Never said I Quit now did I.

  14. Your avatar is me Friday-Sunday