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  1. pm me ur username, charname and email, all that 3 requirement must match with the system so we can recover ur password, if one of them is incorrect, we cant help u
  2. kindly pm me, ur username, charname and active email, thanks
  3. btw aku uda pm dia ya thanks ald @Aldrich lupa kasi tau kmrn2
  4. i think so, only once per char, i never try it again actually . i think the best way to kill mvp, u can try using ranger + soul linker with ESKA
  5. We LOVE MVP Event
  6. thanks, added already!
  7. yeay! MVP Event! JOIN US and WIN A GREAT PRIZE !!!
  8. Hide n Seek Event
  9. BOMB Survivor!
  10. btw, last night i sent a message already, please check it thanks
  11. well, yea, in that quest level ( quest that need crow wing / crumb of sobbing starlight ), i think the chance is likely 50% to get. for tips, u can make more account and finish it until this level too, to get it faster.... note : try in beta if u are alone, use sorcerer and all int equip 3v3 and int card... should be easy, even if its alone... goodluck!
  12. MVP Event All jobs with 3v3 items! best set is GLDS, no chaos, no bg card, and no edit wings! who killed it WIN! kinda FAIR !
  13. MVP Events "Pori-Pori" with 3v3 items to make it fair
  14. noted. please wait again, thanks
  15. devil square beta is easier, use sorcerer with sapphire and int card + gsoa, is kinda easy. ill give u tips, use more than 1account in quest, to get it faster. ill try to put it as event's prize