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  1. Yow, I would like to Suggest an NPC, that provides a standings for along withe their IGN for the EMPERIUM breakers. and Their will be a price for the player who stays on top 1 for a month. So that every Player will be challenge and thrilled to break the emp. While Representing Their Guild. Any Suggestion and additions regarding with this is highly appreciated. THANKS PEEEEEAAAACEEEE OUT!!!
  2. What Position do you apply for - Inter Sup / Event GM First Name - Emz Ingame Name - i R eMz/TryQ/Ainz Ooal Gown/Sebas Facebook Name - Emz Francis Biolena Age - 26 Mother language - Tagalog/Filipino English knowledge - Nearly Perfect but Sometimes Advance Years of XileRO Experience - 8Yrs( On And Off) Time playing XileRO BG - 3Weeks (2-4Hrs Online Every Day) Other abilities - Translations (English to Tagalog/Filipino Vice Versa), Organizing / Administrating, Database,Network Architecture/Infrastructure Why do you want to become InterSup/GM(What you apply for) - - I want to become an Inter Supp or GM because , I want to Contribute my Experienced and Knowledge in playing Ragnarok in order for this server to improve, also i want to help the beginners or new ones in playing this new server, and guiding them in playing specially in questing for equipment (some Players Don't Know about RMS or Lazy to Read). I want to Satisfy The Needs/Wants of The Player by Conducting Some New Events or New Style of playing in order for them to be Happy and playing Wisely. I know i don't Know a lot in playing Ragnarok, i want to learn also coming from my Co-players. "Never STOP Learning, Because LIFE never stop TEACHING." To the people of the EARTH I THANK YOU. You're Friendly QQer, -Emz PEACE!!
  3. Name: Emz Francis IGN: Tenacity,Arawn Face Book: Emz Francis Biolena Age: 25 yrs of Age Mother Language: Filipino English Knowledge: Advance Years of Playing XileRO: 12yrs ( On and Off Tho.) Playing XileroOS: 7months and counting Skills: Organizing,Network Planning,Administrative, Network Design (Former OSP/Network Enginner of PLDT companies. Manage by Smart Telecoms.) Why do I want to be come an IS-FILIPINO Supp.: First and Foremost i would like to take this opportunity to thank the Administrative Staffs Of XileRO OS for opening this position. thank you! Why do i want to be come an IS-Filipino supp. its because i want to help the new ones on the server and guide them for playing this game teaching them and giving some tips on how to Grow in playing. specially to the server. we all know that their are only few players who played for weekdays and got online on Weekends/Woe days. i want to contribute the knowledge that I've learned from the other servers and apply it when i became an IS-Filipino Supp. I got a lot of ideas playing in my mind that i want to Present to the Admin staffs. I know to my self that I am a player Who's On and Off. but as much as possible i try to get online for 2-3 hrs a day. and just roaming around the map sometimes i pvp. in order to enjoy in playing.I am QQer i admit it to my self, but this is a game its part of it its just like im provoking some other players to pvp so that they will enjoy playing as well as get rid of the state of being restless. hahaha! I am a Friendly player most of the time. And i want to give other and upcoming new players some fun,excitement,and thrill in the game. So that they will get hype while playing. thats all thank you! GOD BLESS! #ContestantNumber69 #SearchForInternalSupp.
  4. Max str 255 Get195 ASPD Dex can be 100 or 150 its up to you. Rest is vit bro. And weapon cards 3 hydra 1skell. Then max weight for the cart. Ayt? ??????? hope it helps.
  5. 23 for me pls thanks #23 is already taken by clonnedman.. i will give you #24 instead.. (edited by VEXX)
  6. #9 pls. Arigato gusaimaso
  7. #20 slot GN VEXX SIR! THANKS MUCHO!