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  1. happy birthday, dont ask, but happy birthday lol

  2. 0.0 i posted some juicy dramaness in flame

  3. He'll be back, but I gotta go, tired, sleep, rest, need.

  4. We chased the pinoy away =/

  5. I think it has one 0.0

  6. More like Xilero needs a facebook page.

  7. Wow, shits broken.

  8. I need a like button .__.

  9. Oh you make me feel so special teheh <3

  10. HAHA! I love that picture in the flame thread, you.. there's something about you! <3

  11. Dash really makes me laugh ^_^!!!!

  12. I enjoyed my 30minute long to type wall, I feel epic now =D

  13. I so sorry I was at the beach after I left xc practice, but 0.0 i'll still gladly take that high five dude

  14. Your going too be famous soon enough apparently.