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  1. Imagine this old guy still posting here and lurking around. Forum looks dead, as intended. All the new kids running discord and apps I bet. Not many returns from this era, so I thought I'd stop by. Everything looks new again, but that old motto with the donations still hasn't died, huh? You guys are crazy. It's been waaay too long to let this ride this long. Just stopping by to say kudos, and maybe see if I can recover any of my accounts. Fingers crossed 2005-7 database still exists. Imagine that.
  2. happy birthday, dont ask, but happy birthday lol

  3. 0.0 i posted some juicy dramaness in flame

  4. He'll be back, but I gotta go, tired, sleep, rest, need.

  5. We chased the pinoy away =/

  6. I think it has one 0.0

  7. More like Xilero needs a facebook page.

  8. Wow, shits broken.

  9. I need a like button .__.

  10. Oh you make me feel so special teheh <3

  11. HAHA! I love that picture in the flame thread, you.. there's something about you! <3

  12. Dash really makes me laugh ^_^!!!!

  13. I enjoyed my 30minute long to type wall, I feel epic now =D

  14. I so sorry I was at the beach after I left xc practice, but 0.0 i'll still gladly take that high five dude