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  1. sino ka po????????

  2. Pare, tol, sister.

  3. yah forgot clash is a different person. I know you are snare/conker though. Neways this is me raissa your bishy woe friend before.

  4. Croixsux i'm just replying back to your question to architects just in cause you dont get cofuse he's not snare, he is Clash160 and i'm snare or conker w.e you decide to tell it :)

  5. Told you to give it to me coz she said ill take get her salary.

  6. you never gave my friend salary. she left. so i left

  7. Lets go 50vbs maximum 3 days.

  8. Yeah Im Up to that. Just tell me what you can offer. Your offer will depend on the day i can finish em.

  9. loko ka dash buhay kapa pala..heard you are back..welcome back dodong

  10. wahahaha Online

  11. I was too late when i saw your offer.. It was choco sundae

  12. You should have pmed me. I could have topped that 185vb offer.


    150vb + 100myst coins


    in vbs thats 200 =\


    Though who bought the resistance card.I would like to know please.

  13. Jinx, me scheduled blackout samen bukas. might not be able to play 1st day woe. Let's see

  14. +10EMPSET,+10COB,+10BOG,+10GOB or +10GPW FOR HERCULE BELT!

  15. pm me for LDS+30vb+Faith+Lust