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  1. What Position do you apply for - GM First Name - Donny Ingame Name - DonnyWong Facebook Name - Donny Wong Age - 29 Mother language - Indonesian English knowledge - Advanced Years of XileRO Experience - 12 years Time playing XileRO BG - 3 times log in Others: translation & organizing Why do you want to become InterSup/GM(What you apply for) - I want to become gm because I want well as i can help improving server and there are things that i want to improve, for example imbalance things skill etc.. hi there rainer, i am donny, as u already know. I played xilero for couple of years and yet same problem always happen including os, ex, main.. i might not know every single detail but people keep coming back for xilero no matter what. Xilero basically a good server even with donations. We need to keep BG alive not dead like os and etc.. thats it from me. It might not be good but i am pointing out what i thought ! Thanks. Again peace
  2. Halo Semua Pemain INDONESIA .. APA KABAR???
  3. Hi guys! good luck on woes ! may the best guild win.. since this is woe talk . . lets just keep it that way ..
  4. Hello girl 

    1. vinodrr


      Sirbdonny u help at ok server ? 

    2. Donny


      what can i do? =)

  5. Hi Everyone, I am back!!.. Basically now i am playing back in OS! not in PK YET! SO hi to all OS players and Yeah TO PK players too!! All the best to you guys! have fun playing xilero !
  6. 48 for me sir ! Thank you!
  7. <p><p>i dont play pvp anymore .. just woe ( sometimes ) ... lol.. i do play league of legends on NA server though,.. hahah</p></p>

  8. <p><p>nothing much.. how about u? =)</p></p>

  9. welcome to forum :3

  10. happy birthday donny

    lucky person

    born on 31 Dec


    Happy new year too

  11. lets deal now

  12. oh lol i doubt again tht it was you. so can we deal now?

  13. oh so it was you. Sorry i doubt at first

  14. Donz sama event hat +0 mau apa?

    Hadiah dari ALdrich katanya di suruh kasih lu aja kowokwkow

  15. F. Lance aja deh