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  1. Hoping all is well with you! I get such crazy nostalgia every time I breeze over these forums. 

    1. Naenia


      omfg, long time no seee! You should come in game, I'd love to meet ya there

    2. Reptar


      If you end up hopping on today there’s a chance I might be there! Lol I can’t lie and say I don’t crave the gameplay at times, I played this thang for like 12 years haha

  2. This still a thing?

  3. <p><p>Add me man lol, Marcus THELEGEND is my ign.</p></p>

  4. <p><p>Actually I play league of lesbians now HAHA</p></p>

  5. A little late, but Happy New Year baby girl<3

  6. It's all good Nae lmao, I know you're busy:) Hopefully one day I'll catch you online and we can catch up=p

  7. Sorry for the late reply :c

    Thanks so much <3

  8. Happy Halloween:) Hope you have a great day.

  9. You wot m8

  10. It's been far too long buddy, hope you're doing well. I'll hit you up soon:>

  11. Oh hello! Wow, I haven't seen you in about 3 years. Catch me on Skype - Craig Daniel - Or ferceberk -

  12. You filthy sloot, Craig. I demand that you give me your contact information.

  13. Why would you say something so absurd baby girl :>

  14. oi, leave league of lesbians and play doto.

  15. I'm glad I could finally get a hold of you x) It's been ages lmao. I've been great, and I'm just playing a bunch of league right now @[email protected]