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  1. Lol, wow this Forum account about you Still exist. I miss you Kim :(

  2. Hi sis, do u still playing?

  3. Hi lovely =) good to have you back.......

  4. Kimm! Did you change your email?

  5. I went...awwwwwwaaay.

  6. Kim, you blocked me on msn? :(

  7. I'm fine. Yourself?

  8. Hey Kim, how are you doing lately?

  9. Yeah, it was never fixed. It was supposed to give pets/random vote hats, but they work just like regular boxes.

  10. Yeah the ones that give random pets, I think.

  11. From what I know, no. Lol. Hasn't worked for a very long time. If you are talking about the ones that are supposed to be like the ones from Prontera Castles.

  12. Does BoS from the vote npc work?

  13. rawr! I'm still waiting on the peco :<!

    and hai <3

  14. thx 4 app...

  15. thx for app me...