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  1. Hey. Whats up?

  2. Xile I was just following up regarding my account. I already sent you an email. Please reply I'd really appreciate it if you could help me out.

  3. Has Xile replied???

  4. your xile's account info? i cant do that. and i really cant, cause i dont have access. even if i do, i cant give out account infos. but if you were asking Xile's info, his email is [email protected].

  5. Dude.. I don't think I can recovery my account >:[. When are you gonna invite me to guild lol also what job?

  6. Do you mind telling my xile's contact? Thanks

  7. the only way you can retrieve your old password is to contact Xile directly since i dont have any access in account database.

  8. Whats your in-game name?

  9. Hello there. I made a post regarding my inability to access 2 of my accounts out of 5. I know 100% sure that I type my username and password correctly. Is there anyway to recover my password? I would really appreciate your help. Thank you

  10. Hey Narcos. I'm doing good lol. I can't access my account with all my items :[

  11. I highly would say you have balls to play this again xDD :P but anyway enjoy you stay and btw What have happened To jimmy , kenshin, seiyuro hiko? they're all lost.. hope to see you around fb or msn

  12. Hi Le Corbusier!!!!!!!!!

    Salu2 TrYtO-TiZZa

  13. Not really helping anyone now. I just decided to give the whole server the information so now I hope to see defenses that survive years :D

  14. Yes I like it so much, specially the godly slow grace no one can counter that shit. But I hope you dont help nabcos and his noob guild.

  15. Like my guide? This is what I used that time GM took Kriem...